ALTOSPAM, an anti-spam software from OKTEY


How long does it take to set up the solution ALTOSPAM? Is it necessary to install a software?

The solution ALTOSPAM is put in place in only a few minutes after signature of the user contract and payment. However, as its implementation requires the modification of your DNS, a total set up time of 48 hours can be expected, bound to the refreshment of international DNS, to be certain that all mails transit via ALTOSPAM.

What is the rate of spams effectively stopped by ALTOSPAM?

The rate measured on our platform is currently around 98,7 %. You can consider, according to the exposure of your company to spams that ALTOSPAM will stop between 99% and 100% of spams. In addition, the OKTEY company contractually commits on the quality of service (SLA) by guaranteeing a low rate of spams and false-positive, these legitimate messages interpreted as spams.

Does ALTOSPAM increase the time of delivery of licit mails?

As a general rule, messages arrive as quickly as usual. They transit by ALTOSPAM and are sent back at once on the server of your company. On the other hand, if the nature of a message is ambiguous, ALTOSPAM can generate a delay in the order of a quarter of an hour to half an hour due to the use of the advanced technique of Greylisting.

What do you mean exactly by false positive?

A false positive is a licit message interpreted by an antispam solution as being a spam. The rate of false-positive is the most important criterion to qualify an antispam solution. This is why ALTOSPAM was thought from its design so as to minimize at most the rate of false-positive.

How to be certain that an important e-mail is not spammed by mistake using the ALTOSPAM solution?

It's all about the difficulty of managing false positive. The antispam and antivirus ALTOSPAM software deals with this problem on three fronts:
1- by limiting to a maximum the rate of false positive,
2- by ensuring that, in the case of a false positive, the sender is intelligently informed that the e-mail did not reach its recipient
3- by allowing you to see the history of processed messages via the administration interface or via the daily log-synthesis notification to identify and re-send possible false positives.

What is the guarantee of availability of ALTOSPAM servers?

Any ALTOSPAM customer uses several ALTOSPAM servers to ensure high availability in case of a problem on one of the servers. Furthermore, ALTOSPAM servers are located on different geographical sites to anticipate any problems of internet connection or others. An availability guarantee (SLA) is also part of our customer contracts.

What happens if my own e-mail server is unavailable during several hours?

ALTOSPAM assure une "bufferisation" de vos emails pendant 4 jours. Votre serveur peut donc rester indisponible pendant plus de 96 heures sans que cela ne pose de problème. Au delà de ce délai un message d'erreur est envoyé aux expéditeurs.

What is the interest of using an externalized ASP solution such as ALTOSPAM?
Can we install ALTOSPAM on our Company e-mail server?

The interests are multiple: on one hand you do not saturate your Internet connection with illicit e-mails; on the other hand you don't have to worry about anything: indeed, there is no installation and update to be made. The solution ALTOSPAM is exclusively offered in ASP mode, it is not possible to install ALTOSPAM antispam servers within your company.

What is the duration of the ALTOSPAM service contract and can we disengage at any time?

By default, the duration of the contract is 1 year, renewed tacitly. However the contract may be stopped at any time by registered mail with a 15 days notice period.

Is the use of the ALTOSPAM solution by my company transparent for my e-mails correspondents?

The ALTOSPAM antispam and antivirus solution is completely transparent to the sender of messages directed to you. It is at the level of your DNS that ALTOSPAM servers are configured as being the e-mail servers of your company, which will then re-direct the licit e-mails towards your actual e-mail servers.

ALTOSPAM being an externalized solution, where are the e-mails of my company transiting to and from? How are the security and confidentiality of our e-mails guaranteed?

All ALTOSPAM servers are physically located in French data centres. The servers are highly secured so as to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your electronic communication. In addition confidentiality is guaranteed by the customer contract.

Is it necessary to own a domain name?

YES. The solution is only available for organizations with their own domain name. If you don't have a domain name, ALTOSPAM offers optionally to record a domain name for you.

I use an e-mail server provided by an externalized web hosting provider. Can I use ALTOSPAM nevertheless?

Yes. You can benefit from the ALTOSPAM antispam and antivirus service whether your e-mail server is hosted by a third party, is using mutualized web hosting services or is located in your own building.

What analysis techniques are used by ALTOSPAM to screen messages?

ALTOSPAM is based on an extremely sophisticated process of e-mail notation. This notation uses multiple techniques of analysis: RBL (black lists), heuristic analysis, Bayesian method, bases of spams, checking of the URL, DNS recording, . But the most important point is the action taken depending on the message notation: to accept, refuse temporarily (technique of Greylisting), reject permanently the e-mail, or to maintain a session (Teergrubing). These actions, in particular the technique of Greylisting, increase very significantly the results of analysis.

What is Greylisting ?

Greylisting consists in refusing temporarily a message. If the issuer is a real mail server (ie. specific to the SMTP RFC) it will necessarily be resent then accepted. If the issuer is a spammer it will rarely be forwarded. This is the reason why ALTOSPAM uses this technology when the nature of the message is ambiguous. In return this technique generates a latent period in the reception of emails. (Cf. article on greylisting).

ALTOSPAM being a French-developed solution what is the impact for international users?

The solution ALTOSPAM is multi-lingual and fully operational in English, French and Spanish. It integrates techniques of analysis to detect spams in English which represent more than 85 % of spams. It also detects French, Spanish and German spams that are not taken into account by the American/UK based solutions.

What is the cost of the ALTOSPAM solution?

The ALTOSPAM antispam and antivirus solution is inexpensive. It's targeting the small structures as well as the international groups. The price depends on the number of users and domain names. You can make an estimate based on the configuration of your company on the page price estimate.