MSP, strengthen the security of Microsoft 365

How can I add a layer of protection to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft has global coverage of the software market. The conversion of a large number of professionals to teleworking has increased interest in office suites, in this case Microsoft 365. In addition, domestic use requires enhanced cyber security. That’s why it’s so important to offer software for centralized information, effective against all types of malware, especially spam. Find out what Microsoft 365 can do for business users and what it can do for MSPs.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a complete, centralized office tool. Using this technology, users can have all their information synchronized and available on their computer and mobile devices. Microsoft Office 365 offers basic office tools with additional productivity-enhancing features such as video conferencing and online backup.

Microsoft Office 365 includes messaging for efficient contact with customers, colleagues and partners. The connected system enables mail and diary to be managed productively from different locations. Synchronization makes all data accessible on different types of device.

While Microsoft Office 365 prioritizes personal data, it also promotes the synchronization of information with other accounts. The software allows grouped conversations, enabling tele-meetings for better organization and a platform for efficient team management.

Microsoft 365: An opportunity for MSPs

Microsoft Office is the computer suite of choice for MSPs. This is due to its universality, but also to its security and additional features.

An MSP or Managed Service Provider is a company dedicated to IT services. He manages his customers’ IT systems, like a teleworker. MSP is a market that developed particularly strongly during the containment period. A large number of people use their services.

The work of an MSP is an ongoing, long-term commitment. It includes advice, interviews and problem-solving.

It’s clear that Microsoft is imposing its exclusivity on the computer world. As a result, it remains the most widely used software in the world. This availability and universality facilitate upgrades and the inclusion of new collaborators. Although Microsoft is a software monopoly, MSPs don’t choose it out of spite.

Long before the migration to Microsoft 365, Microsoft was already the first target of cybercriminals. And in 2020, more than half of MSPs say Microsoft 365 is a victim of computer viruses, mainly ransomware. Most of them come from phishing emails.

So, despite the performance of Microsoft 365, it proves necessary to offer a high-performance email protection service with the productivity software. In this way, customer data is kept safe for greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Strengthen Microsoft 365 security with Altospam

Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of features for users. EOP (Exchange Online Protection) is a fairly ineffective anti-spam program, providing basic filtering. For even better filtering, you need to subscribe to the ATP (Advance Thread Protection) package: Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (included only in the Office 365 Enterprise E5 package). Devices and data remain exposed to seemingly harmless malware. Specific anti-spam software is better suited to protecting emails and the entire messaging system.

As with the choice of productivity software, it’s vital to opt for effective anti-spam software. And to do this, ALTOSPAM offers an excellent synergy with Microsoft 365, which is less expensive and more powerful than ATP, allowing you to further secure your messaging. Here are a few explanations. This security software is adapted to the French computer network. As a result, it is more interesting for targeting local malware.

Altospam offers an efficient service with regular updates. Cybercriminals are constantly improving, and antivirus software has to keep up. A lack of updates results in obsolete software, unable to prevent ransomware.

Customers are looking for comprehensive, satisfying services. They need productivity, efficiency, but above all safety. This last need is a service opportunity for MSPs. The agency can offer a managed security service to keep all customer data safe.

By adding ALTOSPAM to its offerings, an MSP can further enhance the cybersecurityof its system and that of its customers.

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