Partner program benefits

Protect your customers. Expand your business. Offer an email protection solution that suits your image and your budget

Increasing numbers of cyberattacks and a privileged point of entry: e-mail

Partenaire Altospam

In 2022, 1 in 2 French companies fell victim to a cyber attack (source CESIN). Phishing remains the most frequent attack vector, and therefore represents the greatest cybersecurity threat facing your customers today, whatever their size or sector of activity. How

Your challenge

Your customers are overwhelmed by phishing attacks. To help them cope with today’s threats, you need a turnkey solution that’s quick to install and easy to manage from a single interface.

Our solution

The Altospam email security platform is simple and powerful. Our email protection solution is based on artificial intelligence and self-learning. It detects known and unknown advanced threats such as phishing, spear phishing, malware, viruses, spam, ransomware, anti-ddos, etc.
Our solution is designed to prevent cyber-attacks and adapt to your customers’ growth.

Partner benefits

10 good reasons to become an Altospam partner

Solutions based on AI: quick and easy to deploy, allowing you to devote more time to developing your business.

A fast sales tunnel: customer activation in just 5 minutes, and a free test as soon as you make contact with your customers.

Recurring revenues: 95% renewal rate

No initial human or financial investment. No hardware or software installation: stand-alone operation and built-in updates.

Solutions compatible with all messaging systems.

A dedicated management interface to manage your customers.

High-quality, responsive support and assistance: marketing support, dedicated sales contact, 24/7 access to technical support by phone and email.

Several types of partnership: depending on volume and your sales initiatives.

Altospam solutions are designed to complement and extend the core functionality of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365™ to provide a unified messaging solution for your customers.

Choosing a French solution

Shared benefits: for your customers as well as for you

The choice of an innovative solution: protection against phishing attacks and other known and unknown advanced threats

Fast integration/installation (5 min)

Real-time results: added value and immediate results

A smooth, seamless user experience

Integrated training

24/7 French customer & technical support

Protecting your customers’ data, intellectual property and reputation

Improve the productivity of your customers’ employees

Reduction of financial damage (loss of revenue, slowdown, etc.) caused by a cyber attack

15-day free trial

Quick and easy installation: 5 minutes (simple MX change) No hardware or software installation required

Rapid deployment with automatic address learning

No human or financial investment, autonomous operation and integrated updates.

15-day free trial: put a customer to the test immediately with the free version.

A simple customer account management interface with a centralized dashboard (real-time statistics & reporting)

Compatible with all messaging platforms (M365, Google Workspace, Exchange…)

Attractive margins & recurring revenues

Autonomous installation and customer support

24/7 phone & email support

Annual or monthly billing

Dedicated sales contact

Available resources: marketing materials, training courses, webinars…

Altospam in figures

20 ans
experience in email cybersecurity
renewal rate
of satisfied customers
- de 0,01%
of false-positives

Our Mailsafe and Mailout solutions are compatible with all mail servers.

Prêt(e) ? Déployez Mailsafe en 5 min chez vos clients

01. Mise en service immédiate : changez simplement le MX de votre messagerie

02. Apprentissage automatique de l’ensemble des adresses mails à protéger sur le domaine

03. Protection instantanée : accédez à vos rapports de statistiques en temps réel & découvrez les menaces d’intrusions stoppées

Votre Interface d’administration. Une interface paramétrable selon vos besoins avec un contrôle total pour l’administrateur.

L’interface de la solution SaaS Mailsafe est accessible directement en ligne. Elle vous permet de visualiser toutes les informations concernant les emails reçus sur vos domaines (statistiques, logs en temps réel, classement, configuration,…).

Mailsafe est une solution complète qui ne nécessite aucune configuration lors de son installation. Vous êtes en mesure de superviser votre flux d’e-mails, gérer les paramètres de sécurité et les droits des utilisateurs directement depuis votre interface. Vous avez une vue à la fois détaillée et synthétique des tentatives d’intrusions /d’attaques ainsi que de l’ensemble des mails et messages valides, suspects ou rejetés en temps réel.

En tant qu’administrateur, vous avez le contrôle de l’ensemble des paramètres de votre structure. Vous avez accès à une interface sécurisée qui vous permet de relâcher les emails placés en quarantaine et de gérer les listes blanches et noires Vous pouvez également configurer des rapports pour être informé en cas d’activités suspectes.

They have chosen to partner with Altospam

HITÉO - Dealer

We wanted to provide our customers with a reliable, high-performance service. We referenced the ALTOSPAM service back in 2007. As a forerunner in the field of outsourced email protection solutions, ALTOSPAM has enabled us to offer our customers a SaaS service that is more reliable than traditional appliances, while remaining just as effective.

Stéphane - Prodware sales manager

Prodware has been marketing Altospam for over 10 years. Result: over 92% of tests lead to the solution being subscribed. Altospam was an excellent choice to help our customers protect themselves against cyber attacks. We particularly appreciate the availability and responsiveness of technical support. The partner administration interface gives us the autonomy to easily manage our customer accounts: testing, subscription, billing, statistics.

Rejoignez notre réseau de partenaires !

Déployez notre solution en 5 min et analysez en temps réel les tentatives d’intrusions (spams, phishing, virus … )

Offer an email protection solution at your own image and price, and maintain your privileged relationships with your customers.

Proven technology

Marketed internationally since 2002, end customers in all sectors of activity: public services, associations, banks, travel agencies, clinics, transport companies, Internet hosts, etc.

At a controlled price

You benefit from discounts on ALTOSPAM’s public tariffs, and resell the solution at your own price as an added value to your service.

A solution tailored to your image

ALTOSPAM can be marketed as a white-label product, enabling you to offer a customized email protection solution.

A dealer interface

A management interface allows you to create, track and manage your accounts.

A customer interface

A customized administration interface lets your customers view their statistics and logs in real time.

A guarantee of transparency

You maintain the relationship with your customer who uses ALTOSPAM technology thanks to YOUR anti-spam email protection service.

Financial investment

No financial investment is required, as invoicing at the end of the month is based exclusively on customer orders placed.

Human investment

Creating a new account takes less than a minute via your reseller administration interface. The account is active immediately. Everything is automated, so all you or your customer has to do is change 2 DNS entries to take advantage of the service.

24/7 support

Available, qualified Level 2 support is on hand to help you respond to your customers’ queries and assist you in optimizing their e-mail.