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Our anti-advertising option

Altospam is a high-performance solution for filtering spam, viruses, phishing and other scams, which also blocks the flow of advertising messages. Unlike spam, commercial e-mail is legal. It follows a request from the user, and can take the form of a newsletter, notification email or promotional offer.

Just like spam, this mass e-mailing clogs up the user’s inbox and represents a significant indirect cost for the organization: message storage, loss of time for the user… This nuisance is not comparable to spam, as the senders respect the conditions for e-mailing. But from the user’s point of view, it is perceived by some as spam, and therefore as a waste of time. That’s why Altospam had to offer its customers a solution to this problem.

A free option has been added to the administrator interface. Activating this option will enable the administrator to block the reception of advertisements for some or all of his users, in order to rid them of this type of e-mail they are inundated with. This filter works by deleting all commercial e-mails upstream, before they reach the user’s mailbox. Nevertheless, the system offers a certain degree of flexibility in its use, since the user can free certain messages of his or her choice and whitelist the senders.

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The advantages of Mailsafe ad filter


Anti-spam filtering is an Altospam setting option that you simply need to activate in order to benefit from the service.


Filtering is immediate, as this solution is based on advanced heuristic analyses already tried and tested with Altospam. What’s more, anti-ad filtering requires no training on the part of the user.

Visibility and performance

Anti-spam software filtering coupled with Altospam offers perfect visibility of legitimate emails, restoring the user’s mailbox!


At the click of a button, the domain administrator can, depending on his or her internal policy, block the receipt of advertising emails in the mailboxes of some or all of his or her users. If this option is activated, we advise our customers to activate the daily summary emails, so that each user can release a desired advertisement if necessary. It’s also possible to filter ads in other ways with Altospam: by moving them to a specific folder, or by displaying them in gray, for example.

Thousands of CIOs, CISOs and IT managers have already chosen Altospam

New and increasingly sophisticated attacks are being launched around the world every day. Our solution detects and neutralizes phishing, spear-phishing, malware, viruses, ransomware and spam threats in real time.

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