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Why is it necessary to reinforce Google Workspace’s native security with Altospam?

The popularity of Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite) has grown considerably, making it an ideal target for hackers. As with other messaging systems, a proportion of emails containing malware manage to bypass Gmail’s basic security. To ensure true email protection with Google Workspace, companies need independent email security. Google Workspace offers a basic level of protection against traditional phishing attacks, such as malicious links and attachments. However, this native protection doesn’t stop advanced phishing attacks such as Spear Phishing emails, Account Take Over and Identity Theft. With Mailsafe, choose productivity AND security. Our cloud-based solution increases e-mail protection, ensures business continuity and protects data in the event of service disruption, thanks to our Recovery  plan.
Altospam cloud solutions based on AI and machine learning block dynamic phishing, ransomware and spear phishing attacks, and block non-priority advertising mail (anti-ad option included). Sophisticated email attacks, such as phishing, ransomware and zero-day attacks, are increasingly common and can easily bypass Google Workspace’s security defenses. Altospam’s Mailsafe uses AI algorithms to meticulously analyze the content and context of emails.

Antispam Anti-phishing compatible Google Workspace

Google Workspace (Google Suite) native security not enough to protect against sophisticated email cyberattacks

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Cybercriminals are using sophisticated new techniques to bypass traditional security measures. Native anti-spam filters can struggle to detect the latest e-mail attacks, such as highly targeted spear phishing attacks, e-mails containing hidden/polymorphic malware or ransomware, or more advanced social engineering techniques. Enhance security with Mailsafe offers better protection against these emerging attack techniques.
Google Suite’s native spam filters offer standard protection for all users. However, some organizations may have specific security needs and may require customized filtering rules to suit their environment. Mailsafe enables greater customization and finer control over security policies, offering the flexibility to meet specific corporate requirements.
Mailsafe offers advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling IT security managers to better understand email attack trends.
Google Suite’s native security has limitations in terms of detecting advanced attack techniques, filtering accuracy, customization and control. By strengthening security with our Mailsafe solution, you improve your company’s overall protection and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks for your organization.

Your AI and machine learning-based email security for Google Workspace

Protect your employees and your Google Workspace environment. Hackers can bypass native anti-spam and operate inside an email network, using compromised accounts or social engineering to send malicious emails internally or externally. Your employees are also likely to open attachments, click on links…Altospam’s AI-powered email security solution uses an inspection and analysis process to identify and block the most targeted and sophisticated threats. Altospam identifies and stops spear phishing (Business EMail Compromise) attacks, including phishing for credentials, whaling and ransomware.

Compatible avec Google Workspace
PRA Plan de Reprise Activité inclus

Our recovery plan

Outages are inevitable. Disruptions and disruptions to messaging services do happen, even with Google Workspace. Altospam’s messaging continuity services help you protect your productivity, without ever sacrificing security.
These solutions, optimized to take account of existing technical conditions, are designed to enable our customers to continue working normally with e-mail in the event of a disaster, or, where applicable, to limit damage following an incident: server crash, datacenter unavailability, natural disaster.

Mailsafe protects your Google Workspace email from sophisticated attacks

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Our machine learning algorithms perform behavioral, contextual and visual analyses of emails and urls to identify phishing attacks.

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Anti-malware and anti-ransomware

Our algorithms and heuristic analyses examine both behavior and code to detect malware and ransomware lurking in emails, attachments and hosted files.

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Anti- Spear-phishing

Our anomaly detection and semantic analysis algorithms detect spoofing attempts and malicious patterns in phishing emails.

Anti-malware | Anti-virus

Our solution integrates 6 antivirus tools to complement anti-spam filters, as well as 4 innovative technologies to detect unknown viruses.

Analyze your email security for free on Google Workspace.

Discover the threats lurking in your Google Workspace mailbox in real time. Quick installation and commissioning in just a few minutes

Why choose Mailsafe to protect your Google Workspace email?

Installation rapide

Immediate start-up

Quick installation in 5 min. Instant protection with self-learning of e-mail addresses to be protected.

Couverture complÚte 360°

Complete coverage: 360° protection

Inbound & outbound email filtering of known and unknown threats. Your IP and domain reputations are preserved.

PRA messagerie

PRA messaging included

Altospam’s messaging continuity services help you protect your productivity, without ever sacrificing security.

Solution cybersécurité email Française

French solution

100% French hosting: Our solutions, teams, support and servers are located exclusively in France and are not subject to the Patriot Act or the Cloud Act.

Support client 24/7

24/7 reactive support

Our experts (based in France) answer your questions 24/7. Our support is provided by e-mail security experts.

Techno proprietaire IA Machine Learning

Proprietary AI and Machine Learning

Real-time detection and filtering of known and unknown attacks for improved employee productivity and a smooth user experience

Coûts Réduits

Lower costs

0 maintenance or infrastructure costs. No human or financial investment. No commissioning or installation costs. Fair rates. For everyone.

Statistiques Interface

Real-time statistics: Threat detection and filtering

Real-time access to reception and transmission logos and statistics via the interface

Why is it necessary to strengthen the security of your Google Workspace messaging system?

  • How secure is Google Workspace?

    La sĂ©curitĂ© de Google Workspace/Gmail varie en fonction de la configuration achetĂ©e. La protection de base ne comprend qu’un simple filtrage des spams et un antivirus. La protection de sĂ©curitĂ© avancĂ©e de Google Workspace offre relativement peu d’options de configuration, en particulier pour une grande entreprise ou une entreprise en croissance. En somme, bien que la sĂ©curitĂ© native de Google Suite fournisse une certaine protection contre les cyberattaques par e-mail en langue anglaise, elle peut prĂ©senter des limites en termes de dĂ©tection des techniques d’attaque avancĂ©es, de prĂ©cision de filtrage, de personnalisation et de contrĂŽle. En renforçant la sĂ©curitĂ© avec Mailsafe, on peut amĂ©liorer la protection globale contre les cyberattaques par e-mail, notamment en langue française, et rĂ©duire significativement les risques potentiels pour l’organisation.

  • How can I protect and strengthen Google Workspace messaging?

    Les experts s’accordent Ă  dire que la meilleure façon de protĂ©ger la messagerie Gmail de Google Workspace est d’utiliser une solution de filtrage tierce et indĂ©pendante qui permet de filtrer les messages avant mĂȘme qu’ils ne pĂ©nĂštrent dans l’environnement Google Workspace. Notre solution Mailsafe propose une combinaison judicieuse des techniques les plus récentes ( 16 technologies anti-spam, 6 anti-virus, 4 technologies anti-zĂ©roday) en matière de détection de menaces connues et inconnues, et dans l’analyse des messages pendant la transaction SMTP.

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