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Microsoft 365 is the main target platform for phishing attacks

Microsoft 365 is the most widely used suite in the world. The ever-increasing adoption of Microsoft 365 by organizations makes it a prime target for hackers. With nearly 300 million M365 users, hackers continue to develop new techniques to target this ever-growing number of users. M365 therefore represents an opportunity for hackers to gain access to a wealth of data. While Microsoft’s native email security is capable of intercepting standard threats, it is powerless against the dynamic and sophisticated attacks now targeting Microsoft 365.

By 2020, 85% of Microsoft customers have experienced a breach of their email. To improve your security against unknown and constantly evolving threats, we recommend that you complement your existing Microsoft 365 security mechanisms. Reinforce your Microsoft 365 email security with an additional layer against sophisticated attacks: anti-phishing, anti-spear phishing (against Business Email Compromise (BEC)), identity theft, anti-ransomware protection to effectively protect your business and your users.

Antispam Anti-phishing Compatible avec M365

Why is it necessary to reinforce Microsoft 365’s native antispam with Altospam?

Compatible Microsoft 365

Attacks on Microsoft are lucrative. Choose productivity AND security. To enjoy the benefits of Microsoft without increasing the risk of cyber attacks, it’s essential to complement and strengthen M365 with our cloud-based solutions. This not only increases protection at the email level, but also ensures business continuity and data protection in the event of a service interruption, thanks to our DRP service.

Microsoft 365’s native email security is capable of intercepting standard threats, it is powerless against dynamic attacks. Sophisticated email attacks, such as phishing, ransomware and zero-day attacks, can easily bypass Microsoft’s security defenses. Altospam’s Mailsafe uses AI algorithms to meticulously analyze the content and context of emails. Our solution is capable of blocking the most dynamic and sophisticated ransomware, phishing and spear phishing attacks, as well as non-priority advertising mail (including anti-advertising otpion).

Protect your employees and your M365 work environment.

Even with Microsoft Defender in place, hackers can bypass native anti-spam and operate inside an e-mail network, using compromised accounts or social engineering to send malicious e-mails internally or externally. Your employees are also likely to open attachments, click on links… With Mailout, we prevent the propagation of attacks internally or towards a customer or partner.

Our recovery plan

Breakdowns are inevitable. Outages and disruptions to messaging services do happen, even with Microsoft 365. Altospam’s messaging continuity services help you protect your productivity, without ever sacrificing security.

These solutions, optimized to take account of existing technical conditions, are designed to enable our customers to continue working normally with e-mail in the event of a disaster, or, if necessary, to limit damage following an incident: server crash, datacenter unavailability, natural disaster.

Mailsafe also protects your M365 mailbox from sophisticated attacks

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Our machine learning algorithms perform behavioral, contextual and visual analyses of emails and urls to identify phishing attacks.

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Our algorithms and heuristic analyses examine both behavior and code to detect malware and ransomware lurking in emails, attachments and hosted files.

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Anti- Spear-phishing

Our anomaly detection and semantic analysis algorithms detect spoofing attempts and malicious patterns in phishing emails.

Anti-malware | Anti-virus

Our solution integrates 6 antivirus tools to complement anti-spam filters, as well as 4 innovative technologies to detect unknown viruses.

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Discover the threats lurking in your M365 email in real time

They chose Altospam to strengthen M365 security

Inbound and outbound filtering

A complete solution for filtering incoming and outgoing mail. Our 2 Mailsafe and Mailout solutions are compatible with M365

Reduced costs & maintenance time

Simple to use and administer. Managing email security with Microsoft products is complex. With the multitude of attacks deployed by hackers, this activity mobilizes considerable IT time and resources. Altospam’s Mailsafe offers rapid deployment and low costs, with €0 infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Instant commissioning. Immediate results.

Easy to install (MX change), use and administer. Altospam’s Mailsafe offers rapid deployment, an intuitive management interface and few human resources. Results are immediate

Management interface: Detailed statistics and real-time reports

Administrator & user interface. Administration console for viewing all the steps taken by emails. It is divided into several modules (statistics, logs, etc.)

24/7 French support

Experts at your service, 24/7. Our solutions, teams, support and servers are located in France, so are not subject to the Patriot Act.

Why choose Mailsafe to protect your M365 mailbox?


"What I appreciate most about using Altospam solutions with Office 365 is the protection against attacks and their DRP(Disaster Recovery Plan) service in the event of disruptions to Office 365."

Your most frequently asked questions about email security with M365

  • Why is Microsoft 365 the platform most attacked by hackers?

    Microsoft 365 est l’une des plateformes les plus attaquĂ©es par les hackers en raison de sa popularitĂ© et de son utilisation rĂ©pandue dans les entreprises. Avec plus de 300 millions d’utilisateurs actifs mensuels, Microsoft 365 reprĂ©sente une cible attrayante pour les cybercriminels cherchant Ă  accĂ©der Ă  des informations confidentielles, Ă  des identifiants de connexion ou Ă  des informations financières. De plus, Microsoft 365 est une plateforme très complexe avec de nombreux services interconnectĂ©s, ce qui rend la sĂ©curisation de l’ensemble du système particulièrement difficile et nĂ©cessite des compĂ©tences et une expertise en sĂ©curitĂ© informatique. En outre, certaines entreprises peuvent ne pas avoir pris toutes les mesures de sĂ©curitĂ© nĂ©cessaires pour protĂ©ger correctement leur environnement Microsoft 365, ce qui les rend encore plus vulnĂ©rables aux attaques.

  • How to avoid phishing attacks on Microsoft Office 365?

    Voici quelques mesures pour Ă©viter les attaques de phishing sur Microsoft 365 :

    • Sensibiliser les employĂ©s : Les utilisateurs doivent ĂŞtre formĂ©s Ă  identifier les signes d’un email de phishing. Ils doivent ĂŞtre encouragĂ©s Ă  ne jamais cliquer sur les liens ou les pièces jointes suspects, mĂŞme s’ils semblent provenir d’une source fiable.
    • Utiliser une solution de sĂ©curitĂ© complète : les entreprises doivent envisager de mettre en place une solution de sĂ©curitĂ© complète pour M365, telle que Mailsafe d’Altospam, qui peut bloquer les emails de phishing avant qu’ils n’atteignent les boĂ®tes de rĂ©ception des utilisateurs.
    • Activer l’authentification Ă  deux facteurs (2FA) : L’activation de l’authentification Ă  deux facteurs peut aider Ă  empĂŞcher les attaques de phishing, car les utilisateurs doivent fournir une deuxième forme d’identification, comme un code de sĂ©curitĂ©, avant de pouvoir accĂ©der Ă  leur compte.
    • Mettre Ă  jour rĂ©gulièrement les logiciels : Les entreprises doivent s’assurer que tous les logiciels et applications utilisĂ©s sur leurs ordinateurs sont Ă  jour, car les hackers exploitent souvent les vulnĂ©rabilitĂ©s des logiciels obsolètes pour mener leurs attaques.
  • Why install an extra layer of email protection with Microsoft 365?

    Installer une protection supplĂ©mentaire de la messagerie avec Microsoft 365 est important pour renforcer la sĂ©curitĂ© des emails Ă©changĂ©s au sein de l’entreprise. Les menaces de phishing, de malware, de ransomware, de spam sont de plus en plus sophistiquĂ©es. Il est devenu difficile pour les protections de base de Microsoft 365 de les bloquer.

    Les solutions de protection de la messagerie comme Mailsafe fournissent des couches de sĂ©curitĂ© supplĂ©mentaires pour filtrer les emails malveillants, dĂ©tecter les menaces avancĂ©es et prĂ©venir les violations de donnĂ©es. Cela permet de protĂ©ger les donnĂ©es sensibles de l’entreprise et d’Ă©viter les pertes financières et prĂ©server la rĂ©putation de l’entreprise.

    Enfin, les systèmes de dĂ©tection et d’analyse de Microsoft 365 se concentrent sur les menaces en langue anglaise, notamment au niveau de la lutte antispam. La solution Mailsafe d’Altospam est plus complète et performante sur le contenu en langue française.

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