Protect your employees, your data, your communications!

Phishing, spam, ransomware, viruses – security starts in your inbox.


Our strengths and advantages


  • Installation and set-up in 5 minutes
  • Fast deployment, turnkey solution
  • Automatic learning of e-mail addresses.
  • Real-time: immediate results.
  • No financial or human investment.
  • Stand-alone operation, with integrated updates.
  • Simple, comprehensive interface.
  • Detailed statistics and reports


  • Protects your mail server from the outside world against spam, viruses, scams, phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, denial of service attacks and relaying.
  • Sovereign solution: not subject to the Patriot Act /Cloud Act
  • Zero Trust: all emails are analyzed
  • Redundant servers located in France
  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP)
  • SLA: 99.99% guaranteed (100% availability since 2002)


  • Detection rate: 99.5%
  • False-positive rate: 0.01%
  • Complete analysis of attachments & files
  • Urls analysis
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC analysis
  • Reduced network and server traffic
  • Possible ad blocking
  • 24/7 reactive customer support

Altospam in figures

+ de 99,5%
legitimate emails
availability rate
of satisfied customers
- de 0,01%
of false positives

Compatible with all mail servers

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