ALTOSPAM Reseller advantages

Why become an ALTOSPAM reseller ?

1) Propose an email protection solution with your image and your price

A tried technology : marketed internationally with clients from all sectors: public, associations, banks, travel agencies, private hospitals, carriers, internet host providers...

A solution tailored to your image : ALTOSPAM is marketable in white brand, thus you can propose a mail protection solution with your own image.

A service at your price : you benefit from specific discounts of the ALTOSPAM public rates and you resell the solution at your defined price or as an added value to your service.

2) Manage and keep your relationship with your clients

An administration interface : a management interface allows you to create, follow and manage your accounts.

A client interface : a user interface with your colors allows your clients to see their statistics, and their logs.

A guarantee of transparency : ALTOSPAM isn’t visible; your customer uses the ALTOSPAM technology thanks to YOUR service of mail protection.

3) Reseller investment

Financial investment : no financial investment is required; you’re invoiced at the end of the month based on actual client orders.

Human investment : through your reseller management interface it takes less than one minute to create a new client account. The account is immediately operational. You or your client only has to modify 2 DNS entries to benefit from our service.


To become an ALTOSPAM reseller pleas fill-in the following form.