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Global e-mail security

ALTOSPAM is a complete email security service, in other words, anti-spam and anti-virus software with advanced features for denial of service, relaying, viruses, phishing, scam… This SaaS software is an email filtering gateway that removes all unwanted messages before they reach your inbox.

This SaaS software is designed for all companies, local authorities and associations. It can be deployed whatever the size of the structure. It acts during the SMTP transaction, using advanced analysis techniques to provide you with meticulous e-mail filtering. The high level of interoperability between the various anti-spam technologies used means that data flows smoothly and securely, while providing extremely effective filtering.

The analysis is carried out in the order of arrival of emails on ALTOSPAM servers, thus avoiding any delay in the delivery of an important message. It is then possible for each email to be accepted, temporarily rejected or permanently rejected. These features guarantee absolute control over your e-mails, as well as protection against spam and viruses by focusing on the risk of false positives.

ALTOSPAM blocks the arrival of spam upstream of your mail server, preventing unnecessary clutter in your mailbox and giving you a clear view of legitimate messages. The department effectively combats false positives, with a rate close to 100%. In fact, it includes 5 anti-virus and specific anti-spam filters that work together to provide excellent protection.

ALTOSPAM also features an anti-relay and anti-phishing function to eliminate the risk of illegal use of your mailbox, theft of passwords and bank codes, etc.
This software features an online administration interface that lets you view your statistics, the reasons for accepting or rejecting messages, your most spammed addresses and much more. ALTOSPAM is therefore a real asset in the day-to-day monitoring and protection of all your employees’ mailboxes and e-mail servers.

You can receive a daily summary of messages rejected the previous day, and activate an advertising control to suppress their arrival in an inbox. The latter configuration can be global or individual.
This online service takes less than 5 minutes to set up, and secures all a company’s email addresses and mail servers. Test the solution free of charge for 15 days at

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