Altospam joins Hexatrust

by Rebeca
Hexatrust et Altospam

A strategic alliance for cybersecurity

Hexatrust is recognized as a group of French companies specializing in cybersecurity, digital trust and the trusted cloud, with the aim of promoting innovative security solutions.

For Altospam, the announcement of this membership marks a major turning point. It’s an opportunity to continue innovating in the cybersecurity sector, and to collaborate strategically to anticipate and neutralize increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Hexatrust, a promising collaboration for the future

Altospam, a pioneer and long-standing player in cybersecurity in France, specializing in the fight against spam, phishing and ransomware for over 20 years, has seen the excellence of its solution recognized by Hexatrust. Indeed, joining Hexatrust promises even greater visibility and access to collaborative innovation projects. This integration represents not only recognition of Altospam’s expertise and excellence, but also an unprecedented opportunity for synergies between industry leaders.

This collaboration heralds the start of the sharing of knowledge, technologies and best practices that will enhance the security of corporate information systems. CIOs, CISOs and IT managers at SMEs and ETIs, Altospam’s main targets, will benefit directly from this alliance, thanks to increasingly robust solutions adapted to the constant evolution of cyber-attacks.

A shared commitment to cybersecurity

Since Hexatrust’s objective is to promote French excellence in cybersecurity, Altospam is strengthening its positioning, both nationally and internationally. This includes all aspects of the digital world: IT security, malware protection, identity and access management, data and application security, as well as security consulting and auditing.

Finally, moving forward alongside Hexatrust underlines Altospam’s commitment to digital security. Mailsafe and Mailout, already existing solutions, continue to evolve to adapt to today’s complex digital landscape.

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