Email advertising management

by Stephane

Block email ads or sort them differently

We’re all receiving more and more advertising emails from well-known and lesser-known companies: either we’ve already placed an order with some of them and are therefore listed in their customer files, or our details have been passed on to other companies who in turn send us their advertising promoting their products and services. They may also be newsletters to which we have simply subscribed at a given time.

Whatever happens, if we are given the opportunity to unsubscribe easily from these sometimes unsolicited and annoyingly recurrent messages, or if we have been informed in advance of this transmission of data to third parties, these emails are not considered illegitimate under the LEN (French law on the digital economy), so they are not spam, and anti-spam filters must forward them to their recipients.

This being the case, Internet users have the right to be removed from these files, as well as the right to obtain a copy of the information (held by the companies in question) concerning them, and to know its origin.

Nevertheless, the sheer volume of these advertising messages often makes it necessary to process them. Solutions exist to manage this type of email. Oktey’s Altospam service provides two practical solutions for handling these messages.

Either users choose toactivate the “anti-spam” option built into the Altospam solution , because they consider these advertising emails to be comparable to spam, needlessly cluttering up their mailboxes, generating storage problems and, above all, wasting their time. . As a result, an anti-advertising option has been added to the basic spam and virus processing service to address this issue. This is an option (that customers decide whether or not to activate) because these emails are not perceived as undesirable, like real spam. Altospam users can activate the option against “commercial emails” for certain email addresses in their company, or for all employees. If Altospam customers choose to check the anti-advertising box, Oktey will send them a daily note summarizing all the emails blocked the previous day, so that they can free up any advertising messages they may have!

More information on this option at: https: //

The second answer given by Oktey’s Altospam service is the possibility of managing these commercial e-mails by highlighting them and separating them from other legitimate messages (which anti-spam filters have accepted) thanks to a specific “field” added to the e-mail header. Then, either these advertisements will be in a different font color from the other e-mails, or they will be sent to a specific folder in the mailbox for better readability and efficient processing.

The following note will help you configure this specific treatment on Thunderbird or Outlook: https: //

Depending on your habits, constraints, problems… Oktey can help you manage and secure your emails on a daily basis! See for yourself at

Alternatively, we recommend using the services of a specialist e-mail management company like saisie. fr, which has a team on hand to manage your e-mails.

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