Free domain name configuration analysis service

OKTEY launches a free service for automatic verification of domain name settings: whois, dns, mail servers, web servers. OKTEY, publishers of the ALTOSPAM outsourced spam and virus protection solution, have launched DNSLOOKUP.FR, a powerful online tool for analyzing the configuration of domain names, IP addresses, host names and e-mail addresses. This service enables you to run a scan on a domain, host, e-mail address or IP address, so you can check all the elements of the domain.


A detailed report, adapted to the information captured, is provided to ensure a clear and organized account, highlighting any corrective measures to be taken. A very large number of criteria are checked to provide relevant feedback on the various parameters of the analyzed element. For example, on a domain or IP address, the main blacklists and whitelists can be used to control the reputation of the information entered. When analyzing a domain name, checks are carried out at all levels, from Whois configuration to mail and web servers, and including all name server variables and information. The tool is also organized to facilitate referencing of the analysis performed. In this way, an analyzed domain will be automatically referenced by the tool, which will provide it with a link to raise its profile on the Internet and give direct access to the referring website.

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