The prefabricated tool for attacking: Phishing-as-a-service

Cybercrime is on the increase and taking on worrying proportions. The reason for this is that technology is constantly evolving. Today’s cybercriminals have access to information that enables them to orchestrate their misdeeds in peace. Among the methods they use to reach their targets is phishing-as-a-service.

What is phishing-as-a-service?

Phishing-as-a-service is a highly developed branch of the darkweb. It has increased by around 29% in 2021. It involves cybercriminals offering tools and knowledge to anyone willing to acquire them. These online services would later be used in computer attacks. In most cases, fraudulent e-mails are sent, prompting victims to perform certain tasks on their computers, such as opening a link or attachment. Some scammers persuade them to send sensitive, private documents, or even to transfer money. Others encourage the victim to install dangerous and often malicious software on his or her computer. It should be noted that this method is responsible for almost 90% of data breaches worldwide.

How does phishing-as-a-service work?

For years, cybercriminals who wanted to engage in this type of activity had to carry out a multitude of operations themselves, in order to lower the vigilance of their targets. Today, all this is obsolete. Phishing-as-a-service is a kit containing everything you need to carry out a criminal attack with just a few clicks . These may be easy-to-use services or tools that require technical knowledge. It all depends on the type of “pirates” you’re targeting.

These kits are designed to be undetectable, ensuring the success of the operation. What’s more, they’re sold at affordable prices. These range from $50 to $80. All these parameters make phishing-as-a-service a method accessible to all. It can turn a person with no knowledge of hacking into a real con artist. Just follow the instructions in a few clicks. Lists of e-mail addresses of potential targets are also available to help cybercriminals just starting out in this field.

How to combat phishing-as-a-service?

In recent years, thousands of new phishing models have come onto the market. To best protect themselves against these attacks, e-mail users, and in particular company directors, must take certain measures with regard to their employees:

  • They need to train and sensitize their teams so that they can detect fraudulent e-mails.
  • They need to be equipped with the latest technologies to protect themselves from phishing emails.

That’s why it’s important to get in touch with the professionals whose job it is to protect you from this type of attack. Try Altospam free of charge to protect all your email addresses in just a few minutes.

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