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L'histoire d'Altospam

Our history

Altospam is a limited liability company founded in June 2002 and headquartered in Bordeaux, France.

An expert in e-mail cybersecurity, Altospam has been publishing French solutions for securing professional messaging systems for over 20 years. Distributed on a SaaS model, directly and via a network of partners, its Mailsafe and Mailout solutions today protect thousands of companies and local authorities.

The company is 100% French, hosting its solutions on servers located throughout the country, with its support team based in France.

Altospam’s core business is software development for e-mail-related technologies. Since its creation, Altospam has specialized in the development of products and services that address the specific issues of emailing, notably with Altospam’s outsourced antivirus and antispam software.

Altospam in dates and figures


Creation of Altospam in Toulouse


1st international customers


Setting up the tool (originally dnslookup)


Launch of Mailout, our outgoing email filtering solution


Automatic encryption integration


Major engine enhancement to detect suspicious files


Label France Cybersécurité


Redesign of user and dealer interfaces


Full M365 compatibility (Mailsafe and MailOut) & head office in Bordeaux, France.

Our mission

To help companies (VSEs, SMEs, ETIs), local authorities and associations reduce their vulnerability to email-borne cyber-attacks.

Free IT teams from the mental burden of detecting and filtering known and unknown email-borne threats.

Specialized in email security, our solutions provide advanced protection against email-borne attack threats and guarantee the security of electronic communications.

Our mission is to detect and block targeted attacks, malware, phishing, ransomware and other forms of cyberthreats that can be propagated via email.

We offer cutting-edge security solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These solutions enable us to analyze incoming and outgoing emails in real time, identify attack signals and take action to block potential threats.

In addition to security, we also focus on the operational continuity of email communications. We aim to ensure the availability and resilience of messaging systems in the event of failure or disruption, so that organizations can continue to communicate effectively.

In short, our mission is to offer comprehensive and effective protection against email-related threats, using advanced technologies to detect, block and prevent attacks, and helping users to strengthen their security and vigilance against cyberthreats.

Altospam aims to create a safer digital environment for businesses, and to ensure business continuity without interruption due to email attacks.

Mission Altospam

A responsible company

Altospam is committed to a CSR approach and to continuous improvement. Here, in a nutshell, are the key points of this approach:

Economic commitments

The company is sound and highly rated by the various independent rating agencies: 0% risk of default according to Conan&Holder, “sound” company according to AFDCC2 rating, “A” rating according to Pouey. Altospam is classified “H3++” by the Banque de France. Altospam is also involved in corporate philanthropy and supports non-profit organizations such as AFSEP and UNICEF France.

Ecological commitments

Our main source of environmental GHG consumption comes from the use of our servers and datacenters. We take care to work with operators who respect the environment. Offering a Cloud Computing solution is an eco-responsible act (see study), as are our purchasing and travel policies.

Social commitments

We pay particular attention to the quality of the workplace and employee benefits. Altospam encourages personal initiative and allows great flexibility in the organization of its employees’ working hours.

Altospam in figures

Altospam creation
of IT Managers chose Altospam
France Cyber Sécurité certification
Cas d'Or Cybersecurity Award Winner Secure messaging

Our solutions

Innovative, comprehensive French solutions to protect professional messaging systems. For peace of mind and improved employee productivity. A solution that’s easy for IT teams to implement and manage. For free & protected organizations!

Security, confidentiality and regulatory compliance

Altospam is a French company, operating under French law and specializing in IT security. Because of our business, our convictions and our professionalism, we take the utmost care to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ data. This security is ensured by human, technical and legal means.

Mailsafe and Mailout services are governed exclusively by French and European law. Altospam’s head office and all its servers are located in France, so we are in no way subject to the USA Patriot Act.

Thousands of IT teams have altready trusted us!

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Our best reward: customer satisfaction

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