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360° protection for your Microsoft 365 messaging system

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is capable of filtering out traditional threats, such as malware and attachments. However, advanced and sophisticated threats such as spear phishing attacks (identity theft, president scam, FOVI, invoice fraud … ) can easily evade Microsoft EOP and break into your M365 environment. Altospam uses a combination of technologies such as heuristic analysis and machine learning: analysis of context, content, attachments, macros, urls to detect and stop these advanced threats before they reach your messaging system and become a problem for your organization.

Compatible MICROSOFT 365
Compatible GOOGLE WORKSPACE (Google suite)

360° protection for your Google Workspace messaging system

Reinforce and complement the native security features of GWS (Google Workspace) email with our solution for protection against advanced phishing attacks, such as spear phishing emails (login theft, identity theft, invoice fraud, false transfer orders, etc.).

Our solutions are compatible with all mail servers

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Your emails are in safe hands!

Installation rapide

Immediate start-up

Fast installation in 5 min/ Instant protection with auto-learning of emails to protect.

Couverture complète 360°

Full coverage. 360° protection

Inbound & outbound email filtering of known and unknown threats. A preserved reputation for the IP and the domain.

PRA messagerie

PRA messaging included

Altospam’s messaging continuity services help you protect your productivity, without ever sacrificing security.

Solution cybersécurité email Française

French solution

Our solutions, teams, support and servers are located in France, so are not subject to the Patriot Act. 100% French accommodation

Support client 24/7

24/7 reactive support

Our experts (based in France) answer your questions 24/7. Our support is provided by experts specialized in email security.

Techno proprietaire IA Machine Learning

Proprietary AI and Machine Learning

Real-time detection and filtering of known and unknown attacks for improved employee productivity and a smooth user experience

Coûts Réduits

Lower costs

0 maintenance or infrastructure costs. No human or financial investment. No commissioning or installation costs. Fair rates. For everyone.

Real-time statistics: Threat detection and filtering

Access to attack & intrusion attempt reports in real time via the interface.

Altospam in figures

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Thousands of CIOs, CISOs and IT managers have already chosen Altospam

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Our awards

In 2022 we were awarded the Cas d’Or 2022 Cybersecurity prize for secure messaging by a panel of experts.

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Free 15-day analysis: test our email protection solutions to discover intrusion attempts in your mailboxes.

DĂ©mo anti phishing anti ransomware antispam

Our email protection solution helps you prevent threats from phishing, ransomware, spear phishing, malware, spam and viruses. Book a time with a cyber expert for a personalized demonstration.

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Our rates are tailored to your business and your size. Ask us for a customized quote based on your company’s needs.