ALTOSPAM offers its outsourced professional antispam and antivirus service to associations

Free antivirus and antispam for associations

If you’re an association with a domain name and up to 5 email addresses, ALTOSPAM offers you its free email protection service in exchange for a link on the home page of your website.

To take advantage of this offer, simply fill in the following form: https: //, specifying in brackets after your first and last name the code: “(ASSO-PARTENAIRE)”.

The offer is subject to validation by the ALTOSPAM sales department. The status of the partner association and the  quality of its website are verified to be eligible. In particular, the association’s website must have a pagerank greater than or equal to 3. The link to ALTOSPAM must be placed in the first third of the home page source code.

In the special case of charitable organizations, we offer free protection for up to 10 e-mail addresses.

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