Altospam’s fortress against malware

Renowned for its spam filtering performance, Altospam is innovating by integrating into its e-mail security service an innovative new system for automatic detection of dangerous attachments and analysis of file signatures.

On average, viruses and other malware are present in only 0.48% of e-mails exchanged on the Internet. However, they can be extremely damaging to the company (hacking, data destruction, harvesting of sensitive information, etc.). A single virus passing through your e-mail system could compromise the security of your entire organization.

Simple antivirus software is no longer enough to protect you from increasingly rapid and targeted malware. A comprehensive anti-virus infrastructure must be put in place upstream of your business. That’s why Altospam, which already includes 5 anti-virus programs to systematically scan all emails and their contents, goes one step further in virus detection. OKTEY, publisher of ALTOSPAM, has developed a proprietary solution for automatic detection of suspicious and dangerous files. This innovative solution, already integrated into the Altospam service, is now available to all customers. In addition to the 5 existing antivirus functions, two additional successive scanning stages have been added to specifically search for suspicious files and analyze attachment signatures to detect dangerous files.

After being checked by antivirus software, attached files are then analyzed by the system for suspicious files. These can be propaganda documents, worms, viruses, Trojan horses, or even attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities (software flaws not yet disclosed). The principle of searching for suspicious files is based on real-time analysis of email traffic and detection of files originating from a large number of distinct networks and destined for several different correspondents.

Next, the signatures of the attached files contained in the e-mails analyzed by Altospam are checked to see if they are listed as dangerous (containing a virus, Trojan horse, worm, malware, phishing) by all the antivirus programs on the market. This verification is carried out by classifying the file using a meta-referential pointing to all existing anti-virus software. Thanks to this technology, a file containing a virus unknown to our 5 antivirus partners will still be blocked.

Altospam is the only email protection solution to provide systematic email analysis through a comprehensive anti-malware security architecture. OKTEY improves its service on a daily basis, and does everything in its power to provide top-quality protection for your e-mail. This new system not only blocks known and unknown viruses, but also enhances the performance of your anti-spam software.

MAJ 10/11/2015 :

Integration of an automated system for on-the-fly analysis of Office macros. Detection of macro presence, hidden code, file download, program execution and automated launch to detect suspicious behavior.

MAJ 01/04/2016 :

Integration of SafeBrowsing to detect phishing URLs (in addition to Altospam’s built-in anti-spam technologies) and block URLs pointing to downloads of rogue files or sites containing malware.

MAJ 07/04/2017 :

Addition of a 6th antivirus that complements the other 5 and adds to the overall degree of detection.

MAJ 03/12/2018:

Improved static sandboxing analysis system (presented here: https: // ).

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