AltoSpam secures AFSEP emails free of charge

by Stephane

Oktey, publisher of Altospam, supports AFSEP

For many years now, AFSEP, theFrench Association of Multiple Sclerosis suffer ers, has been providing day-to-day support for people affected by this disease and their families. It brings together, helps, represents and defends its members, and trains and informs the public about the specific features of this pathology.

Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative neurological disease of the central nervous system that particularly affects young adults (aged 20 to 30). Founded in 1962 to create and manage care facilities, the Association Française des Sclérosés en Plaques has seen its missions evolve over time.

AFSEPToday, AFSEP brings together all people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families, helps them, informs them, represents them and defends them in dealings with public authorities, public and private organizations, and speaks on their behalf in the media. AFSEP also has a training center, a training partner for structures in the medico-social and paramedical sectors working with people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

In October 2013, Oktey, which publishes AltoSpam, wished to support AFSEP by providing its email security service free of charge.

Since 2002, Oktey has dedicated its business to email protection, guaranteeing a high-performance, professional 24/24 service to save time in the day-to-day management of emails.

Three outsourced solutions, with no modification to the customer’s IT infrastructure, are marketed:

– firstly, AltoSpam, an inbound email protection solution, cleans up all traffic against spam, viruses, phishing, unwanted ads …

– secondly, MailOut, an outgoing email security solution, ensures high deliverability of messages by preventing them from being virus vectors and/or blacklisted.

– finally, aMailOr, a professional email hosting solution that integrates AltoSpam.

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