New reseller administration interface

For several weeks now, we’ve been completely rewriting our reseller interface, with the aim of making our services more functional, efficient and secure.

This interface is regularly updated, and new features are now available at:

– Multi-day log search for you as a reseller (via the reseller interface) and for your customers (via the administration interface)

– Detailed log visualization with direct access to raw logs,

– A search for topics encoded in Mime RFC2047,

– Multi-level, multi-account management of reseller administrators.

You also havetools for testing and analyzing your customers’ remote servers to check, among other things, that their configuration is correct, in particular: accessible mail server, verification of recipient filtering and temporary rejections due to resource saturation…

We’ve also set up an automatic alert system that lets you know as soon as one of your customers stops receiving emails (server unavailable, Internet connection problem, server saturation, etc.). This alert is activated by default and can be deactivated via your reseller interface on your customer settings page.


Alongside these new features, you still have access to complete customer management (sales, technical and accounting): set up a test account or generate quotes online, manage invoicing, track technical data via logs, statistics, sort by email address…

You should also know that anti-spam engines are always updated on a daily basis. For your information, the R&D department is currently working on improving the detection of suspicious attachments. In addition, antivirus scanning has been strengthened by optimizing updates in 4 integrated antivirus programs. You can find an article about this “virus-flash” problem at: https: //

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest improvements to Oktey services, and look forward to hearing from you.

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