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Spamming spammers' mailing lists

To build up a large base of addresses to send mass e-mails, spammers use e-mail address vacuum cleaners. These are robots that scan the Internet for e-mail addresses and URLs. Email addresses are stored in a database from which spam is sent. As for URLs, their purpose is to propagate the robot’s analysis to other Internet pages.

The tool available online at enables you to work on both these aspects by trapping these robots. To achieve this, the page randomly generates a list of fake e-mail addresses, and also creates a ‘black hole’ of URLs into which the robot will enter and lose itself ad infinitum.

By linking to this page, you are helping us to combat these robots, and therefore spammers. Statistically speaking, the more time spammers waste collecting incorrect email addresses and using their resources to send spam to those addresses, the less spam they’ll send to you!

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