Whatever your sector of activity, Altospam can help you protect your messaging system against the threat of cyber attacks.

Your emails are in safe hands!

Techno proprietaire IA Machine Learning

Proprietary AI and Machine Learning

Real-time detection and filtering of known and unknown attacks for improved employee productivity and a smooth user experience

Installation rapide

Immediate start-up

Fast installation in 5 min. Instant protection with auto-learning of email addresses to protect.

Couverture complète 360°

Full coverage. 360° protection

Email filtering (inbound & outbound) of known and unknown threats. A preserved reputation for the IP and the domain.

Compatibilité Toutes les messageries

Compatible with all mail servers

Our solutions are compatible with all messaging platforms.

Solution cybersécurité email Française

French solution. RGPD compliant

Our solutions, teams, support and servers are located in France (not subject to the Patriot Act) 100% French hosting

Support client 24/7

24/7 reactive support

Our experts (based in France) answer your questions 24/7. Our support is provided by experts specialized in email security.

Coûts Réduits

Lower costs

0 maintenance or infrastructure costs. No human or financial investment. No commissioning or installation costs. Fair rates. For everyone.

Statistiques Interface

Real-time statistics

Access to attack & intrusion attempt reports in real time via the interface.