Altospam user interface

by Stephane

Personalized management service by email address

Some customers have asked us to give their end-users direct access to Altospam logs. Others have asked for the ability to manage user-specific whitelists and blacklists. We’ve set up a simplified interface to make this possible. This interface can be accessed directly at :
to all Altospam end-users.

The interface can be accessed with or without a password. The interface automatically recognizes whether an account exists or not. If this is not the case, an email is sent directly to the user, enabling him or her to generate a password for login/password access to the interface. Or to access the interface in question directly, quickly by simply clicking on a time-limited URL.

A link has also been added to each user’s activity report to enable them to access the interface with just 1 click.


This interface allows users to view all their logs over a 28-day period. Carry out log searches of any kind and, if necessary, unblock emails.

A settings page also lets you define your own whitelist and blacklist (authorized or prohibited addresses or domains).

user blacklists

Available to beta testers for several months, this interface is now available to all our customers’ users. It can also be accessed directly from the new activity report email, which is more user-friendly, responsive and user-friendly.

As a reminder, sending a summary email is not configured by default; the administrator can set it up and configure it directly from the management interface: https: //, Settings section.



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