MailOut with Microsoft 365

MailOut is our outbound flow management solution. It aims to improve the deliverability of your messages, both by providing technical support in setting up your domain’s authentication elements(SPF, DKIM, DMARC) and by monitoring the reputation and configuration of our outgoing servers in real time. In addition, MailOut servers apply antivirus checks on outgoing messages and dynamically monitor these flows. In this way, a mass mailing due to piracy will be automatically detected and blocked. The integrity and reputation of the sending domain are therefore preserved. Only the box concerned will be blocked from being sent, and your technical teams will be informed and can intervene to resolve the problem.

Its use with Microsoft 365 is regularly requested. Microsoft’s solution is widely used by businesses, but also by spammers worldwide. As a result, outgoing Microsoft 365 servers often have a degraded reputation and appear on the most common blacklists, which has a direct impact on the deliverability of your messages.

Finally, our customers’ experience shows that direct access to logs, via theAltospamThis new interface provides a clearer, more easily exploitable view of real domain traffic: search and find out the delivery status of a specific message, compare statistics month by month and export search results based on different criteria are all functions directly available in the interface. They make administration easier.

Setting up MailOut with Microsoft 365 is easy: the entire technical procedure is explained in our documentation, accessible via the “Help” button at the top of the administration interface.

This new MailOut integration with Microsoft 365 is an ideal complement to Altospam’s use of the Microsoft platform. It has several anti-spam offers for its incoming mail. The basic package is called Exchange Online Protection (EOP), and it doesn’t offer much in the way of performance. On the other hand, the more advanced offerings, called Microsoft 365 Defender, represent a not inconsiderable cost. What’s more, whatever option you choose, the protection provided by Microsoft is based on English-language criteria. It is naturally less relevant for messages in French. Last but not least, our scans use six antivirus products from different vendors, providing more versatile and comprehensive protection than using a single vendor’s virus database.

Altospam’s MailOut offering now combines a complete solution for effective protection of incoming and outgoing traffic with the Microsoft 365 suite, while benefiting from a free disaster recovery service in the event of a malfunction of the Redmond firm’s service.

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