Focus on Altospam’s competitive advantages

by Altospam

Rather than rewrite information already explained in existing articles, we’ve decided to compile a list of the main articles we’ve published since 2002, which will help you understand the advantages of Altospam, the specific cases of certain e-mails and some specific technical issues. Each of these articles indirectly answers questions commonly asked by our customers.

Altospam’s main advantages, and why:
Efficient French anti-spam(16 complementary anti-spam technologies)
6 built-in antivirus scanners (all e-mails and attachments are scanned by the 6 antivirus scanners)
– 4 innovative technologies for detecting unknown viruses
Antipub (ad filtering can be activated for users who so wish)
Designed to limit the false-positive rate (below 1/1 million)
– Set up in minutes
Automatic user learning
French solution, hosted in France
Automatic email retention and DRP in the event of mail server downtime
Secure, encrypted communications with TLS 1.3, DNSSEC and DANE
Simple, comprehensive customer management interface
Very high service availability and service level agreements (SLAs)
24/7 French support
Reduced network and mail server traffic
France Cybersecurity certified solution
Compatible with all email servers and services ( including Office 365 )

Focus on certain types of spam. What they are, how to stop them :
Focus on spearphishing
Focus on FOVI
Focus on ransomware

Articles on some technical explanations and functions:
Autopsy and analysis of email content
Understanding the DNS protocol
Simulate sending an email
How the SMTP protocol works
How to optimize email security

Details of some of Altospam’s technical features:
Files blocked by Altospam
Altospam return codes
Altospam status code

Our support teams analyze and process customer requests within an average of 15 minutes of receipt. The quality and responsiveness of our support is essential to us.

What’s more, as we master all the processes involved in e-mail filtering, we can adapt them to the specific needs of our customers. The scalability of our system is based on 2 main factors: the proactivity of our teams, who use several sources of information to research new techniques used by spammers and hackers, and implement appropriate protection measures; and the rapid response to customer feedback.

If you have any questions other than those raised by the articles gathered here, we are always available to help you and answer them to the best of our ability!

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