Compatibility and complementarity between Altospam and Microsoft 365

Strengthening Office 365 security

Some companies opt for a Microsoft Office 365 email solution and wonder what the point is of using Altospam. Despite the fact that Office 365 includes anti-spam in its Forefront offering, Altospam offers significant advantages for your email security. Altospam and 365 solutions are compatible and complementary to reinforce Office 365 security and email service continuity.

A specialist and expert in e-mail security since 2002, Oktey, publisher of the Altospam solution, provides powerful filtering of unwanted messages thanks to 16 complementary anti-spam technologies representing over 5,000 analysis rules.

Here, in a nutshell, are the main advantages of Altospam

French antispam: best performance on French spam, phishings and scams thanks to 16 complementary anti-spam technologies updated daily,

6 integrated antivirus scanners: all e-mails and attachments are scanned by 5 complementary antivirus scanners: esets nod32, avast, clamav, f-secure, bit defender and drweb,

detection of dangerous attachments by analyzing the signatures of attached files with a meta-repository representing virtually all antivirus products on the market, and real-time detection of suspicious files,

-analysis ofmacros contained in Microsoft Office files and detection of abnormal behavior,

antipub: ad filtering can be activated for all users, or only for those who want it,

Hosted in France: all our servers are located in France (not subject to the USA Patriot Act),

visibility of messaging flow: administrators (and users, if required) can view the entire messaging flow in real time, and users can access the entire messaging flow.

Possibility from Office365 to send outgoing e-mails through our MailOut filtering service, guaranteeing virus-free messages, improving the deliverability of your messages and giving you complete visibility of your outgoing e-mail traffic.

24/7 French support: responsive support in French, on-call 24/7.


Altospam boosts Office 365 security and email availability

As far as security is concerned, the complementary nature of the two solutions is all the more essential when you consider that Microsoft Office 365 is a well-known and widely-used corporate tool, and therefore a potentially very interesting target for hackers. Attacking Office 365 means that a very large number of individuals can be harmed. Corporate use of Microsoft Office 365 alone creates security vulnerabilities. So, as Steven Toole, a researcher at Avanan, reports on his website: , Office 365 fell victim to a targeted attack on June 22, 2016. Over 57% of Microsoft 365 customers have received the Cerbe ransomware in their mailboxes, in an email containing an infected attachment. Like many ransomware programs, the macro triggers the loading of an infected file that encrypts the user’s data.

On the question of email availability, a solution like Altospam guarantees service availability as well as complete visibility and control of the email flow.

Many of our customers who have migrated to Office 365 have retained Altospam protection. Others unsubscribed when they migrated to Office365 thinking the spam protection would be enough, and many have come back to us to enjoy all the benefits we’ve just described. The antispam bundled with Office 365, ForeFront is certainly a valid English-language antispam, but it’s not enough for a French audience who will fall victim to spam, phishing and President scam attacks carried out by French-speaking hackers. A purely French solution greatly improves analysis and guarantees high-performance filtering on French-speaking emails.

Whether 365 users use Altospam or not will depend on how sensitive they are to email security issues. But
the easiest way is to try it out for free and see the difference for yourself…

Article updated in November 2019

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