Decline in spam, to be confirmed

Spam volume statistics

It is usual to see an increase in the proportion of spam in August. This phenomenon is simply linked to the fact that during the summer period, the number of legitimate emails decreases as a large number of people are on vacation. In proportion, the number of spam messages is increasing. This year, the phenomenon is present, but much less pronounced than in previous years. The increase between June and August 2010 was just 1.2%, compared with 3.4% in 2009. This seemed to presage an overall drop in spam levels.

But in September, we noticed that this decline was confirmed. Across all our customers, the total volume of spam now represents only 88.72% of the total volume of emails exchanged. We have fallen below the symbolic 90% mark reached in March 2009. We’ll have to wait a few months to see if this is only temporary.

Histogram of spam and virus trends up to September 2010

Histogramme de l'évolution des spams et des virus jusqu'en septembre 2010

On the other hand, we noted an increase in the number of viruses. It should be stressed that the volume of viruses exchanged is highly variable from one month to the next. While the general average is around 0.30% over the last two years, the virus rate in October 2009 and this September was very high, with 0.94% and 0.88% of processed emails respectively.

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