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Altospam technical support

The quality of a solution also depends on the ability of its technical support to respond correctly and rapidly to customer requests. That’s why we take great care to provide efficient support. In our view, a high-performance product must be backed up by a rigorous technical support service, enabling us to offer our customers an all-round quality service.

To simplify procedures for our customers, support is available by telephone on the single number or email address below:

Only this telephone line systematically refers callers to the on-call service outside office hours. You can also reach us by fax at: 05.477.477.90.

Our teams will direct your request to the right people. Our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outside office hours, a line transfer is set up to automatically redirect support to on-call technicians.

A ticket will be opened to time-stamp and process the request. The technical engineer in charge of the ticket will make every effort to answer any questions as quickly as possible. If required, an online ticket management tool enables you to track the progress of your requests in real time.

Access to support is included in the Altospam subscription for the duration of the contract. Our support manages two levels of priority: “Normal” and “Important”. By default, a ticket has “Normal” priority. Using the “High Importance” or “High Priority” email option (depending on the email client) automatically sets the ticket’s priority to “Important”. For “Major” incident calls, commitments are only guaranteed to be taken into account for telephone calls. The guaranteed response time (GTI) for Normal priority tickets is 24 hours, for Important priority tickets 2 hours. Failure to comply with this Response Time Guarantee will, at the customer’s request, result in Altospam incurring penalties. In fact, the average processing time by our technical teams is less than 15 minutes.

To optimize the work of the support team, when opening a support ticket it is advisable to specify at least, in order: the e-mail address of the recipient (or the domain concerned), the date of the incident and, if possible, the e-mail address of the sender or the subject of the message. The more qualified the request, the faster the problem will be solved.

We do our utmost to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to our customers’ requests, because the quality of our technical support is one of our top priorities.

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