How do I install ALTOSPAM?

ALTOSPAM configuration at my hosting provider

Article updated in January and August 2018 with new videos

Below you’ll find a series of short videos explaining how to install Altospam. These videos are intended for our customers who use the DNS services of shared hosting providers to manage their domain names. These videos, less than 3 minutes long, show you how to set up Altospam on the main French hosts: OVH, Gandi, Online, 1&1, LWS and AMEN.

As a reminder, Altospam is an e-mail protection service that integrates 16 antispam and 5 antivirus programs to secure all your company’s e-mail accounts in less than 3 minutes. Altospam also integrates anti-phishing, anti-scam and anti-advertising filters, and ensures very high availability for your mailbox.




New OVH interface:

Old OVH interface:




New Gandi interface:

Old Gandi interface:




New LWS interface:

Old LWS interface:







New Infomaniak interface:

Old Infomaniak interface:

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