Increased spamming

by Stephane

Spam is back with a vengeance

China and the United States continue to top the list of countries responsible for sending spam. At the same time, more and more spam is also being sent from South Korea. Since the summer of 2010, we’ve seen a significant drop in the number of spam messages sent, but since January 2013 the trend has once again been upwards, according to the statistics recorded for our customers who use the Altospam platform: over 90% of emails were spam in July 2010, while by the end of 2012, the 40% spam mark had been reached. In March-April 2013, on the other hand, the number of spam messages tends towards 60%. Other players in the IT security market confirm this increase in the volume of unwanted mail.

Percentage of spam

These findings should be seen in the context of the international fight against botnets – networks of computers infected with malware and controlled by hackers – which has been underway since 2010. Despite the political will to break up botnet networks, it’s impossible to eradicate them completely, and we’ve seen a new surge in their activity since the start of 2013: less than 5% of spam sent in January came from botnets, only to bounce back above the 10% mark in the spring.

Spam sent by botnets

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