Lower levels of spam and botnets

Botnet numbers down sharply

Since April 2009, the percentage of spam in the total volume of emails received by our customers has been at its highest, representing 94.41% of traffic. We are now seeing a significant drop in the number of spam messages. In September 2012, the percentage of spam fell below the 50% mark with a ratio of only 44.47% spam! The graph below shows the evolution of spam as a percentage of total messages processed since 2005.


Percentage of spam


Above all, we have seen a very significant drop in the number of spam messages sent from botnets. The graph below shows that botnets are becoming less and less active, representing just 6% of global traffic in September 2012! Is this a case of botnets disappearing or being used for other, more profitable purposes than sending spam?

Percentage of botnets

The volume of spam has fallen, but quality, so to speak, has replaced quantity. Spam is increasingly pernicious and difficult to detect, so the use of a professional anti-spam service is not called into question for the time being. It’s still very useful for e-mail users to protect themselves from the risks of receiving unwanted e-mails, and to avoid wasting valuable time…

The ideal solution is to get rid of spam upstream of the mail server, i.e. before it clogs up your network traffic unnecessarily, thanks to an outsourced anti-spam solution managed by professionals in the field: https: //www.altospam.com/fr/test-gratuit.php.

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