Protect all your company emails

Secure your entire e-mail system

Messaging is now the main vector for the spread of malware in the enterprise. Over 90% of attacks start with an email. E-mail is a simple but effective means of spreading viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing and spear-phishing. That’s why implementing an e-mail protection solution is the main barrier against the spread of computer attacks. This is subject to the double condition of using a quality anti-spam antivirus service, updated on a regular basis, and protecting all company email addresses. Because no address is immune to attack, it’s imperative to protect all of them to ensure complete security for your company’s messaging system.

Why protect all your company’s email?

Altospam is first and foremost a protection tool for your company. Alongside the firewall and backup, the email protection service forms the basis of any organization’s security. These three components are the fundamentals. It is therefore imperative that all addresses are automatically secured: it would be irresponsible to leave the door open to a virus by failing to protect, for example, a mailing list, an e-mail alias or even a rarely-used e-mail address, as this would be taking the risk of letting malware into the company through the back door. On the other hand, it frees the IT manager from any responsibility for leaving an e-mail account unattended, whether by choice or by mistake. An unsecured email address could serve as an easy entry point for a virus.

Our Altospam service automatically protects all your addresses

Technically, implementing our solution involves modifying the MX fields in our customers’ DNS. The aim of this mechanism is to replace our customers’ mail servers with our security services. The integration of Altospam automatically protects all the domain’s e-mail traffic. New addresses created afterwards will be automatically added to the protection.

Commercially, we count all the addresses of the company concerned. For the reasons given above, we do not allow our customers to disable filtering on certain mailboxes, except in exceptional cases (for example, the need for a support team to receive spam or viruses). For accounting purposes, it is therefore necessary to systematically indicate the total number of e-mail addresses in your company, as all addresses are necessarily taken into account.

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