Questioning messaging security

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The security of data transiting via e-mail was undermined when the Prism affair came to light. Many American services have even decided to close up store for fear of scandal. For some, the death of email is a foregone conclusion. For others, it is always possible to implement solutions to ensure the security of the messaging service.



The Prism affair, an unprecedented scandal

The Prism affair broke on June 7. Edward Snowden, a former NSA analyst, revealed to the world the existence of a top-secret surveillance program called Prism. It involves collecting personal data on web users suspected of undermining state security, and monitoring their daily activities via social networks, the calls they make or receive, the content of their e-mail, etc. This project is supposed to be part of the fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, “accidental” collection of e-mails from ordinary American citizens and high-level spying on the Internet have also been raised in the Prism affair, raising the question of how secure the e-mail service is.



Shutdown of several messaging services

The Prism affair led to the closure of many messaging services based in the US. One example is the voluntary shutdown of two secure messaging services: Lavabit and Silent Circle. Former NSA agent Edward Snowden, author of the scandal, went through the first service to alert the media to the existence of the confidential Prism program. The founder preferred to stop his business so as not to “compromise his values”. A legal blog called Groklaw, highly reputed in the USA, has also closed its doors in order to protect its sources.



How do you ensure the security of your e-mail service?

Thanks to the services offered by Toulouse-based OKTEY, you can entrust your e-mail security to professionals and find the answers to your e-mail confidentiality and security issues.


To guarantee the best possible security conditions for its customers, all OKTEY solution servers are hosted in France, in 5 different datacenters. OKTEY is committed to data confidentiality in its General Terms and Conditions of Sale and is not controlled by Prism or any other government agency, nor is it subject to the PatriotAct. What’s more, OKTEY’s PCI DSS-certified servers (Cf. article ) are secured and permanently monitored.


Last but not least, all e-mails transiting through OKTEY solutions are automatically encrypted as soon as the sending and receiving servers authorize encryption (Cf. article ).


As a reminder, OKTEY is the publisher of the ALTOSPAM inbound email filtering solution, which cleans up all inbound email traffic. The MailOut service completes ALTOSPAM and takes care of the deliverability of outgoing emails. OKTEY also offers a professional email hosting solution, aMailOr.



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