Trapping email address vacuum cleaners

Trap email extractors

Spammers use e-mail address vacuums to build up a considerable address base, enabling them to send large numbers of e-mails. These vacuum cleaners are robots on the lookout on the Internet for e-mail addresses and URLs. The e-mail addresses are stored in a database from which spam is sent, while the URLs propagate the robot’s analysis to other Internet pages. Available online at, the proposed tool can be used to act on these two aspects and thus trap these robots.

By randomly generating a list of fake e-mail addresses, this page also creates a “black hole” of URLs for the robot to enter and get lost in. Statistically speaking, the more time spammers waste in recovering erroneous email addresses and using their resources to send spam to these addresses, the less you’ll be overrun!

If you would like to link to this page to help us fight these robots and spammers, simply copy and paste the following code into your website:

<a href="">Piège anti-spam</a>

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