Understanding account blocking on MailOut

Mass mailing detection system

You use our secure outgoing data flow service emails, MailOut. You have used our services to protect your outgoing flow andincrease the deliverability of your emails.

To improve the deliverability of your emails, we work from several angles. We provide you with the following fields preformatted SPF, DKIM to be included in your DNS to identify your outgoing mail servers and sign digitally and automatically your outgoing emails. On the other hand, we do everything in our power to ensure good reputation of our servers’ IPs, by whitelisting them on services and scrupulously monitoring any blacklisting.

Some third-party messaging services attach great importance quality of the outgoing flow. In particular, these services identify e-mail addresses, sender domains and server IP addresses that try to send a large number of messages to invalid, unknown or unused addresses. So sending e-mails to invalid addresses will quickly blacklist our IPs. As indicated above, it also risks blacklisting your e-mail address and your domain.

To ensure the quality of our service and your satisfaction to avoid blacklisting, we have set up a number of systems to prevent detection of emails sent to invalid addresses. This is also why we do not accept mass mailings via our solution, and as such, you are contractually bound to refrain from emailing.

If one of your domain’s email addresses sends a large number of emails to invalid addresses, sender’s address will be automatically blocked by our system. Depending on the number of recipients, this blocking will be either temporary (4h00) or permanent when there is a significant volume involved.

We therefore remind you that emailing is strictly with our MailOut solution. If you need to send an email to a large number of addressees, we will exceptionally tolerate it as long as it is a mailing with fewer than 2,000 recipients, that it is exceptional, not repeated, and especially if the recipient base is healthy.

If you have been blocked after sending e-mails, remember that from our interface, you can very easily export the list of incorrect recipients. To do this, in the “logs”, tab Select “MailOut” as the message type: “Message refused by the server”, specify the date and choose as filter select the sender’s email address. After clicking on In the “Filter” menu, you can “Export this page”, i.e., export it to another country. list using the dedicated button.

If you need to do some emailing, to send some bulk or transactional emails, get in touch with the services specific to your business. Our MailOut service should only be used to send your business emails.

To fully understand the types of e-mails you can to find your way around a company, we invite you to consult our next article: https: //www.altospam.com/actualite/2019/07/email-professionnel-marketing-ou-transactionnel-explications/

You will also find a detailed explanation of our service MailOut on the specific site: https: //www.mailout.fr/

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