Why choose French email security software?

A French email protection solution

We all know that today, securing your IT infrastructure is an obligation, and a critical element to be taken into account to avoid a complete shutdown of your company’s production resources. Messaging is one of the most obvious and common entry points for a threat to infiltrate your network. That’s why it’s essential these days to use a secure messaging solution. In the vast majority of cases, these solutions act as interceptors, interfacing frontally between the Internet and the mail server.

Data protection and privacy

As a result, these solutions see and have access to all corporate communications. The companies providing this service must therefore make a strong commitment to confidentiality and respect for personal data. We can legitimately wonder about the protection of our data when it is entrusted to companies, or subsidiaries, governed by American law. In fact, in this case, they are subject to two laws, the Cloud Act and the Patriot Act, which respectively allow the justice system and US government agencies to access all this data as part of an investigation. In both cases, the service provider is under no obligation to inform the customer. What’s more, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the ability of users and companies alike to access or manage the deletion of personal data. It should be noted that these elements concern both service providers and hosts. The data of a French service provider hosted on a platform governed by US law is concerned and will fall under US law.

In Europe, the General Regulation on Personal Data (RGPD) has set a very strict legal framework. It defines a set of rules designed to ensure the security, confidentiality and lifecycle of all the company’s IT data. It updates and supplements the French Data Protection Act, giving companies and citizens greater control over how their personal data is used. This law increases the CNIL’s capacity to control and sanction data protection.

In short, choosing a French-registered service provider that hosts its data entirely in France guarantees better protection of personal data and clearer access to the various processes involved in managing and modifying it.

Tailored to your needs

Anti-spam analysis uses many different techniques. However, two of the main ones are the heuristic method and the analysis of character strings present in the message. In both cases, the language used is at the heart of the problem. A messaging protection solution developed and maintained by a French team will naturally have better recognition of the normal or suspect structure of a message. Antispam will be more relevant and updated more quickly as new threats emerge. In addition, spam often takes the form of waves targeting specific organizations, such as bogus offers to sell masks to French health institutes. That’s why it’s important to use an antispam that has other customers in your industry. The pooling of reports will enable rapid adaptation and an effective response.

User support and guidance

Support is also a key factor. Whether for documentation, technical support or simply advice, the presence of a French-speaking support team, by telephone or e-mail, is essential. Beyond the technical aspects, e-mail security depends enormously on the application of best practices. Understanding architectures, training technical teams and keeping abreast of technological developments in the components that make up electronic messaging are crucial. And these elements are much more easily transmitted by a local support team which, in addition to the language, is concerned by the same schedules, news or legal constraints as yours.

And what about Altospam?

Altospam ticks all the above boxes: All our equipment is located in France. Our team is also based exclusively in France. We have held the France CyberSecurity label since 2018 and are compliant with RGPD recommendations. We process an average of several million messages a day, which gives us a significant analysis surface and knowledge of flows, enabling us to be highly reactive in the event of new attacks. Our solutions are used by numerous public services (hospitals, education centers, town halls or regions) as well as, in the private sector, by industrial, commercial or banking groups.

If you are sensitive to these data protection issues, make up your own mind and test this anti-spam service free of charge for 15 days!

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