Altospam and MailOut add TLS encryption protocol

Automatic TLS encryption between servers

Altospam, an inbound email filtering solution, and MailOut, an outbound filtering solution, have both been enhanced with TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption, the successor to the SSL protocol. TLS increases the security of Internet communications by generating encryption keys for exchanges based on authentication, confidentiality and data integrity.

Where remote infrastructures allow, Altospam and MailOut gateways encrypt all messages passing through them using TLS. In other words, as long as the sending servers (sending to Altospam), and our customers’ servers (receiving from Altospam and/or sending to MailOut) as well as the receiving servers (receiving messages from MailOut) support encryption, emails received or sent through these channels will AUTOMATICALLY be TLS encrypted.

Thanks to this technical added value, we’re pursuing our goal of providing you with even greater security to meet your needs as closely as possible.

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