How can I protect my e-mail?

The pace of computer attacks has accelerated in recent years! Cyber attacks affect not only private individuals, but also professionals and even large corporations. The main target of these attacks is e-mail. Emails contain a great deal of personal and professional information. What is the nature of these attacks? How to protect yourself?

Why protect your e-mail?

Your e-mail address is your “safe”! You use it to shop online, communicate with friends, colleagues and customers at work. E-mail is often equipped with a large amount of storage space. You can use it to store your personal and business documents in the cloud. For companies, email is the number 1 communication tool.

Which computer attacks target e-mail?

You’ve probably heard of phishing and email bombing! These two terms refer to two techniques used by cybercriminals to attack e-mail accounts.

As far as phishing is concerned:

Phishing is one of the most common fraudulent techniques used to steal personal and sensitive data. Victims of this type of attack often receive emails urging them to log on to a fake website or to carry out an order (participation in a competition, prize draw, etc.);

Regarding email bombing:

Email bombing, also known as whamming, consists of bombarding the victim’s email address with hundreds or even thousands of messages, in order to saturate their inbox. This type of cyberattack is usually carried out using malicious software.

Other types of attack :

Other techniques used by cybercriminals include spam, malware, data exfiltration, conversation hijacking, Trojans, fovi, etc…

How can I protect my email?

Contrary to popular belief, creating a “strong” password is not enough to protect you from computer attacks. Today, it is essential to use security software that is both reliable and compatible with the various messaging services.

Spam and phishing attempts are the most worrying problems. To ensure the security of your e-mail address, we recommend using a SaaS (Software as a Service) protection filter such as Altospam. This IT security solution is one of the most effective against spam, cyber attacks, malware and viruses. It’s an all-in-one suite with 16 anti-spam, 6 anti-virus and 4 anti-ransomware technologies. You can test the solution free of charge here.

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