Automatic e-mail retention

Bufferization and automatic email storage

Today, electronic messaging is indispensable in the workplace. That’s why, from the outset, ALTOSPAM has integrated an automatic email retention system in case of unavailability of remote servers. This means that if your customer’s mail servers are no longer accessible, the ALTOSPAM servers will automatically store the emails (and automatically release them) for 7 days.

Automatic retention for 7 days
This 7-day period is essential, because without action on our part, if the server is unavailable for more than 7*24 hours, all pending and new emails will be lost. On the other hand, if you contact us before the end of these 7 days, we will find solutions to avoid this loss, because we are at your side to think about and solve your customers’ messaging problems. For example, we can help you work on a disaster recovery plan. This is an integral part of our service at no extra cost, the aim being to ensure that our customers are able to retrieve their emails as quickly as possible.

Disaster Recovery Solutions
Depending on the situation, we can consider several alternatives, such as increasing the email retention period from 7 to 14 or 21 days… or offering you a backup solution. To do this, we can give you temporary access to a mail server, for example, to provide the customer with temporary backup webmail.

Depending on the customer’s configuration, other options are also possible. In any case, you can rest assured that, thanks to our experience in securing e-mail systems (10 years in June), if you have any problems with one of your customers’ e-mail systems, we’ll be happy to help you find a solution.


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