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Altospam solution evolutions

Our ALTOSPAM mailbox security service is updated on an almost daily basis, but major developments are also integrated into the service, without us systematically communicating about them. For once, we’d like to offer you a brief summary of the recent improvements we’ve made over the past few weeks.


We have developed an automated system for extracting repetitive subjects. The aim of this technology is to detect recurring topics over the day by analyzing blocked emails to feed a specific base and play on the qualification of new emails. It gives us better filtering and faster blocking. This system, on which we’ve had some very interesting results, has also been developed using the sender’s email address. Two new techniques – one based on the subject and the other on the sender of the e-mail – have therefore been added to our 16 filtering technologies, for even greater efficiency.

The detection module for malware and ransomware unknown to antivirus software has been completely rewritten to optimize it and improve its relevance. The fundamental principles have remained the same: this module complements the integrated antivirus software and is based on 4 distinct technologies: detection of suspicious files by analysis of their condensate (or hash), search of suspicious file condensates on a dedicated bigdata, extraction and static sandbox analysis of macros from Office documents, comparison of file proximity with files containing malware (detailed analysis here).

We’ve taken advantage of the module’s facelift to add a 6th antivirus to our scanning engine. The aim is to take advantage of the most reactive antivirus laboratory to block attacks as quickly as possible. Our production malware detection system has been optimized to counter any new attacks(details here).

On the interface side, we’ve also made a few minor adjustments, such as the ability to change the order in which logs are displayed, the correction of a few display bugs, the integration of new detection systems… We’ve also provided our resellers with an API enabling them to easily integrate our services into their infrastructure. This API enables them to automate the entire process of creating and administering customer accounts.


As a reminder, our main means of communication to keep you informed of developments and problems we encounter remains our Twitter account: https: //, which is why we invite you to follow us 😉

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