Customer review: Hemmerlin

by Altospam

The Hemmerlin Company

Headquartered in Alsace, France, Hemmerlin specializes in national and international road transport, logistics and warehousing.

Key figures

  • Founded: 1982
  • Employees: 230
  • Warehouses: 10,000 m2
  • 2006 SALES €30 M

Since 2009, Hemmerlin, a French company specializing in road haulage, logistics and warehousing in France and Europe, has been using Altospam. This testimonial explains Hemmerlin’s expectations and the daily benefits of using their mailboxes.

Hammerlin’s business

For over 30 years, Hemmerlin has been providing comprehensive logistics services for its customers in France and Europe. This includes not only the road transport of goods, but also their storage, labeling, packaging, etc.
By offering tailor-made services at optimized costs, Hemmerlin’s strategy is based on rock-solid performance and on listening carefully to its customers to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. It is also committed to guaranteeing the traceability of its services.

Hemmerlin’s needs

First of all, Hemmerlin needed a high-performance e-mail filtering solution to quickly and easily rid its organization of all unwanted and polluting e-mails.
Secondly, it was looking for an outsourced, professionally managed service that would enable it to de-clutter its network traffic upstream and immediately lighten its mail server.

The benefits of Altospam

Thanks to the implementation of Altospam since 2009, Hemmerlin benefits from a solution that exactly meets its needs in terms of spam and virus filtering: a web interface enables it to check and judge the quality of filtering through the statistics and logs it contains.

Hemmerlin also appreciated the quality and responsiveness of Altospam’s technical support, which strives to answer all customer queries as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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