Since 2007 SAUTHON has been loyal to Altospam


The Sauthon company

Based in the heart of the Limousin region, SAUTHON designs and manufactures furniture and textiles for babies, and is now the European leader in this early childhood market.

  • Key figures
  • Founded: 1938
  • Employees: 175
  • Partners: Specialist nursery retailers (Aubert, Bébé9, Autour de Bébé), supermarkets
  • 19 branches
  • 2010 SALES €24M
Témoignage avis client Sauthon

The SAUTHON business

For over 70 years, SAUTHON, a 100% French company, has been designing and manufacturing baby furniture. The key words of this French manufacturer, based in the Creuse region of France, are: safety guaranteed by certifications that sometimes exceed European standards. Then there’s quality, thanks to a rigorous selection of raw materials and respect for the environment, since the wood used to manufacture the furniture comes from sustainably managed forests. Comfort is also essential to SAUTHON in this market of young children.

SAUTHON’s needs

Since 2007, SAUTHON has chosen ALTOSPAM, a solution that perfectly meets its needs: thanks to outsourcing, SAUTHON has entrusted the management of its email security to email professionals, and no longer has to worry about the difficulties caused by unwanted emails (such as phishing or adverts) that used to invade its users’ mailboxes. What’s more, SAUTHON didn’t want to modify its existing architecture in any way, so the company was looking for perfect compatibility with its usual work tools.

Altospam’s added value for SAUTHON

Today, SAUTHON is 100% satisfied with the ALTOSPAM solution, which offers numerous advantages such as flexibility and ease of use, a high-performance spam and virus filtering rate, and lighter, more available network traffic. SAUTHON has also been able to appreciate the efficiency of the technical support team, which assists him whenever necessary on e-mail issues, and even beyond, on more global issues concerning the security of his company’s IT architecture.


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