Prodware has been an Altospam partner for 16 years!


About Prodware

“Publisher, Integrator, IT Hosting for SMEs and MSEs”.

The Prodware group: A major player in the integration of management solutions for businesses. Prodware has several core businesses: ERP solutions integration, networks and infrastructures, software engineering and e-business.

Quality guarantees: Prodware is the leading integrator of Microsoft and Sage management solutions in France.

Key figures :

  • 1989: Founded
  • Employees: 1100
  • Customers: 17,500
  • 19 branches
  • SALES 2011 €106.9 M

What was the context when you chose the Altospam solution?

To avoid loss of productivity, the protection of messaging flows against viruses and spam remains a priority, if not strategic, for all our customers, whatever their size or sector of activity. As an integrator of Infrastructure & Cloud solutions for almost 10% of the French SMB market, we aim to provide our customers with a reliable, high-performance service. We referenced the ALTOSPAM service back in 2007. As a forerunner in the field of outsourced messaging protection solutions, ALTOSPAM has enabled us to offer our customers a SaaS service that is more reliable than traditional appliances, yet just as effective.

A conversion rate of over 80%

The ALTOSPAM on-line solution is fully integrated into our catalog. Our sales force, spread over 19 agencies in France, is responsible for marketing it to our customers. An evaluation version is available free of charge for 15 days. This period enables our customers to assess the solution’s performance. The result: more than 80% of tests lead to subscription to the solution. Our customers take out a subscription contract based on the number of domain names and mailboxes protected, over a period of 12 or 36 months, the latter enabling them to benefit from more advantageous rates.

Easy deployment thanks to SaaS mode

Quick and easy, ALTOSPAM is implemented directly by our technical department, with no hardware or software installation, autonomous operation and integrated updates. The service is easily administered remotely.

Prodware customer satisfaction

The ALTOSPAM solution combines a number of advantages that set it apart from the competition. In particular, our customers appreciate :

Efficient service: ALTOSPAM is a comprehensive e-mail security solution that protects mail servers from external threats such as spam, viruses, scams, phishing, denial-of-service attacks and relaying. The technologies used guarantee a high spam and virus detection rate and a remarkably low false-positive rate, while remaining transparent to our customers and their recipients.
Availability: Geographical redundancy of servers and permanent supervision guarantee very high service availability. ALTOSPAM also automatically buffers emails in the event of unavailability of our customers’ mail servers.
Service transparency and autonomy: thanks to the administration interface and logs, customers have complete visibility of filtered messages. Any false positives can be eliminated. The service’s performance considerably reduces manual administration, thanks to its high reliability and the automation of most tasks, including automatic learning of customer e-mail addresses. No specific configuration is required.

Benefits for Prodware

As a reseller, we benefit from :

A simple, ergonomic management interface for our customer accounts, managed directly by our administrative teams.
An attractive, recurring margin on the resale of a service that requires no up-front financial investment, and is easy to renew with excellent renewal rates.
A commercial partnership based on responsiveness and proximity: the entire ALTOSPAM team is always ready to listen to the needs of our users, and is available for both sales and technical support. Their efficiency is the key to our long-term collaboration.

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