Managing unsolicited advertising

Reduce unsolicited emailing and prospecting

As specified on several occasions in our articles and press releases, unsolicited advertising emails to professionals cannot be considered as spam, according to the law. That’s why we let them through by default (although there’s an option to refuse them). However, regardless of this option, no matter how systematically you unsubscribe, you keep receiving them and want to fight the evil at its root.

The people who send you these ads buy your email addresses from databases. These companies, which specialize in supplying contact details and e-mail addresses, are legally obliged to delete your contact details at your request. To simplify your work, this article lists the 6 main companies of this type, which together account for the majority of legal email address marketing. You will also find below an example of a letter to send to them by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to request the deletion of your data.

Here is a sample letter to send them:


We would like you to remove all contact details for our company from all your databases.

In accordance with the provisions of article 38 paragraph 2 of the modified law of January 6, 1978, I request that you proceed with the deletion of all data concerning us which may appear in your files. I’d also like to ask you to delete all our email addresses in your database that end with “”.

We also object to the distribution of our contact details to third parties and ask that you also inform your suppliers of our request to delete your lists so that they can do likewise.

I would like to remind you that if my request for deletion is not taken into account, sending me other messages or transmitting my e-mail address to third parties despite my objection is punishable under articles 226-18-1 (up to 300,000 euros fine and 5 years imprisonment) and 226-24 (fine multiplied by 5 for legal entities) of the French Penal Code.

Below is a list and contact details of companies specializing in the legal distribution of e-mail lists:

France Prospect – DATEXIA DIRECT
11 b parc Club du Golf CS 10546
13594 AIX EN PROVENCE Cedex 03

47/51 avenue de la Division Leclerc

65 cours Edouard Vaillant

Kapitol – infobel
506, chaussée de St Job

sarl email-BROKERS – email reference
Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 8
59800 LILLE – France

BIS Media – Cd-Prospect
8, rue Lemercier
75017 PARIS

Only by taking these steps will you eventually free up your mailboxes. Bear in mind, however, that these companies issue CDs already in circulation with your contact details. The requested update will only be effective on new publications, so please be patient…

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