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OKTEY has just celebrated its 13th anniversary. It’s an opportunity to take stock of all the services we offer. OKTEY’s core business is to provide services enabling companies, public services and associations of all sizes to better secure their electronic messaging systems against cyber-attacks. It offers quality packages combining several security features such as anti-virus, anti-scam, anti-spam, anti-relay and more. OKTEY currently offers four product and service ranges: ALTOSPAM, MAILOUT, AMAILOR and AUDeMAIL.


ALTOSPAM is a SaaS software solution designed to protect all customers’ e-mail. It combines five anti-virus programs, sixteen anti-spam technologies and other security services such as anti-phishing, anti-relay and anti-scam in a single product. This online solution is easy to use. All incoming e-mail messages pass through this filtering gateway before reaching your mail server. ALTOSPAM stands for availability, performance, reliability and quality of service. Solution details: https: //www.altospam.com/


MAILOUT is a service for protecting outgoing email traffic and improving the deliverability of customer emails. This service acts as an SMTP relay at the output of the customer’s mail service. All emails sent over the Internet are routed through MailOut systems to protect the outgoing email flow and facilitate the delivery of emails to their correspondents. Quality of deliverability and brand image are on Solution details: http: //www.mailout.fr/


AMAILOR is an e-mail hosting service. All your e-mails hosted on OKTEY servers automatically benefit from ALTOSPAM and MAILOUT protection services. It’s the best way to secure business emails. Solution details: http: //www.amailor.com/


AUDEMAIL is a mail server monitoring service that checks service availability and server blacklisting. This is a system for automatically monitoring the reputation of a mail server. In the event that your mail server is unavailable or has been blacklisted (RBL), AUDEMAIL will alert you immediately. Solution details: http: //www.audemail.com/



As a specialist in IT security, and more specifically in e-mail security, OKTEY is driven by three fundamental values in fulfilling its mission of protection and security. Thanks to the availability of top-of-the-range technological resources and expertise in the field, OKTEY is able to promise technological excellence to its customers. The solutions it offers guarantee a high degree of safety and reliability.

Those who have already tested OKTEY’s products and services have been able to judge the quality of the service provided. Don’t hesitate to test our solutions for free: https: //www.altospam.com/fr/test-gratuit.php





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