Outsource spam and virus filtering


Securing messaging in SaaS mode

There are many solutions on the market today for filtering spam, or unsolicited e-mail. These techniques are either installed directly on the user’s workstation, or implemented on or upstream of the company’s e-mail server.

In the case of product installation on the user’s workstation, the spam reaches your computer before being interpreted. Typically, if you check your emails from a standard telephone connection, you can spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet to retrieve emails that will ultimately be interpreted as spam!

If an anti-spam solution has been installed on your mail server or upstream of it (e.g. DMZ appliance), filtering takes place as soon as the message reaches your network. Users are therefore not affected. But spam still saturates the company’s Internet connection!

To take this logic a step further, and avoid the company being dependent on the number of spam messages it receives in terms of Internet bandwidth, the best solution is outsourcing. ASP anti-spam software, such as the French Altospam solution from Oktey(https://www.altospam.com/), not only frees up your company’s bandwidth, but also avoids human and financial investment.

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