Why adopt Altospam solutions?

Because Altospam protection solutions are easy to manage, effective in preventing attacks and minimizing disruption.

Increasingly sophisticated phishing, spear phishing and ransomware attacks

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  • 45%: 1 in 2 French companies was attacked in 2022
  • 74% of attacks are Phishing & Spear phishing emails – main attack vectors/ 1st mode of corporate intrusion in 2022
  • +255% ransomware attacks in 2020, the major threat for professionals as the most costly attack
  • 60% of SMEs attacked file for bankruptcy within 18 months of the attack
  • Nearly 1 in 2 teleworkers is tricked by a phishing email
  • New, increasingly sophisticated attack techniques such as social engineering and generative AI tools like ChatGPT enable hackers to design increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks, rapidly and on a large scale.

Sources: CESIN 2023 Corporate Cybersecurity Barometer, ANSSI reports

More protection and control, less stress

Proprietary AI and Machine Learning

Real-time detection and filtering of known and unknown attacks for improved employee productivity and a smooth user experience

Immediate start-up

Fast installation in 5 min/ Instant protection with auto-learning of emails to protect.

Full coverage. 360° protection

Inbound & outbound email filtering of known and unknown threats. A preserved reputation for the IP and the domain.

Compatible with all mail servers

Our solutions are compatible with all messaging platforms.

100% RGDP-compliant French solution

Our solutions, teams, support and servers are located in France, so are not subject to the Patriot Act. 100% French accommodation

24/7 reactive support

Our experts (based in France) answer your questions 24/7. Our support is provided by experts specialized in email security.

Lower costs

0 maintenance or infrastructure costs. No human or financial investment. No commissioning or installation costs. Fair rates. For everyone.

Real-time statistics: Threat detection and filtering

Access to attack & intrusion attempt reports in real time via the interface.


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Thousands of CIOs, CISOs and IT managers have already chosen Altospam

Email is the main vector of a cyber attack

New and increasingly sophisticated attacks are launched around the world every day. Our solution detects and neutralizes phishing, spear-phishing, malware, ransomware and spam threats in real time.

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