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"I tested several anti-spam solutions and the best result on the market was recorded by Altospam, so I didn't hesitate to choose this solution. The two main advantages that Altospam offers my company are the outsourcing of the solution as well as its simplicity at all levels."


"For me, Altospam enables me to effectively combat mailbox overload by filtering spam. I wanted to entrust the maintenance of my antispam software to professionals, so I chose to outsource it with the Altospam solution, and I'm completely satisfied: you don't change a winning team!"


"Altospam offers a quality service at an attractive cost to the company, and all this with perfect transparency. We don't have to manage anything, Altospam makes our lives easier and gives us real productivity gains."


"Following a free trial of the solution, I found Altospam to be the most effective in terms of spam and phishing filtering. What's more, it took less than an hour to set up. Altospam comes at an attractive price, and the support is very pleasant and efficient. Since we've been working with Altospam, we've received very little spam and we haven't had a single false positive! That's a real achievement.


"The Altospam solution means I don't have to spend time cleaning out my email inboxes. Altospam does a hell of a job sorting them out and saves me a lot of time.


"The quality of spam filtering is very good, the quantity of false positives is very low, moreover, I would like to emphasize the good value for money of the solution."


"I chose Altospam because, in terms of anti-spam effectiveness, it's the best! The Altospam solution is really perfect, plus if I need any information, all I have to do is contact support and I'm efficiently informed!"

V. D. - Software publisher

"No negative comments to make about Altospam, only compliments: everything works very well, the software management is very well assured, perfect transparency of maintenance and use."

MR B. - Bank

"I'm 98% satisfied with the efficiency of the Altospam solution, not to say 100%! The big advantage of Altospam is the excellent filtering of all spam, which saves us a lot of time in our work. What's more, our company works with a satellite connection, and in the event of a failure of this connection, Altospam backs up our messages, which is a huge benefit for us!"

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