The following keywords summarize the advantages of such a solution:

Effective : Stops spams before they arrive on your e-mail server. The level of quality and results are guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Simple : Takes less than one hour to implement. Requires no hardware or software installation. Solution ready to go, self sufficient, and providing continued upgrades.

Performant : Eases network traffic and improves mail server load. Filtering of spams and viruses is made upfront even before your server.

Secured : Protects your mail server from the outside against spams, viruses, scams, phishing, denial-of-service attacks, and relays.

Available : Several redundant Altospam servers, supervised all around the clock.

Advanced : Uses the most recent technologies, combining standard processes and on-the-fly analysis methods.

Compatible : Independent from your e-mail server. The externalized antispam and antivirus Altospam solution works directly on the standard email protocol, SMTP.

International : Designed to detect spams in different languages.

Thus the main advantages of the anti-spam solution are:

  -  Filtering of spams (rate > 98 %),

  -  Limited number of false positive, efficiently managed anyway in any case (by notifying the sender and the recipient),

  -  3 integrated antiviruses, updated in real time

  -  Secure your company (your mail server is not directly visible any more from the internet),

  -  Storage of your emails during 5 days in case of a connection or mail server breakdown,

  -  Is integrated directly into your existing environment, without parameter setting,

  -  Spams do not over-load any more your connection and your servers,

  -  Service Level Agreement (SLA) on filtering quality and service availability.


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