Turing test

What is the Turing Test?

Definition of TURING TEST

This technique, also known as challenge/response, consists of sending an e-mail requesting authentication (by reproducing a displayed code) to the sender of the message in order to verify its actual physical existence. Used on its own, this technology has a number of disadvantages (filtering work is transferred to the message sender, messages are systematically sent, often unsolicited, and false positives are generated). ALTOSPAM has chosen to integrate this technology with other technologies, and to use it only when necessary at the end of the analysis, in which case it enables the release of unresolved false positives.

Test de turing


Example of an authentication page, requesting a code to authenticate the sender.

Exemple Test de Turing sur Altospam


If an email is wrongly classified as spam, ALTOSPAM informs the sender and, using a Turing test, gives him the option of releasing the message so that it can be delivered to the recipient.

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