Concept : Externalization and features

The ALTOSPAM solution is an externalized anti-spam and antivirus bridge which requires no installation, administration or maintenance, thus no human investment. In other words, your company benefits from techniques of e-mails filtering without any investment; your mails are handled and analyzed in real time before final delivery to your mail server. Besides, ALTOSPAM improves your network performances and safety by blocking spams even before they reach your server.

At the same time as it guarantees a relevant service, Altospam fights your staff’s loss of productivity and reduces considerably the legal risks: risk for your e-mail server to be used as relay, obligation of employees protection against e-mails with pornographic or offensive content.



ALTOSPAM stops the undesired electronic messages before they reach your e-mail server and the e-mail boxes of your employees. ALTOSPAM fights the false positive and assures a rate close to zero.


ALTOSPAM includes an antivirus software which works in addition to the antispam filters, thus stopping the viruses transferred via e-mails (note that viruses are more and more spread using spam techniques.).


ALTOSPAM fights the relaying, to avoid for your server to be used by a third party to send illicit mails. This fraudulent use of the server generates a problem of availability and quality of service for the company which gets its identity usurped. The relaying engages the responsibility of your company.


Phishing is a “social engineering” technique aiming to get internet users’ logon or credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an email.


Scams are cyber-frauds by email, which we also call Nigeria 419, sent most of the time from Africa, in which scammers plead with you to get millions of euros, in exchange for a percentage.


Your servers are not directly visible any more on Internet but are accessible through ALTOSPAM. Thus they are not subject to attacks by denial of service.